Quick Natural Cure for Acne Treatment


Nobody wants to have acne. It affects people with a problem that has become almost a social disease because of the mental pain and embarrassment that it causes. Although acne typically strikes those that are younger, usually in their teens, it can also strike adults, and the effects are generally the same. If you have an acne problem then I'm sure that you have tried many of the over the counter, and sometimes some of the prescription remedies are available to rid yourself of the acne. Sometimes those things will work, but they are not natural and they can also cause some side effects that are just as bad as the acne itself. When looking for a way to get rid of the problem many have turned to a nature cure for acne treatment, and have found good results.

There are so many things that you can do for your acne to cure it naturally. I know people that have had success with soaking a cotton ball in vinegar and sea salt and then rubbing it on their face. They then leave the mixture dry on their skin for 10 minutes or so and then rinse it off. The friends that I have, that have tried this, claim to see very quick results. Another friend of mine has gone more after the cause of the acne instead of just treating the symptoms. He has tested supplements that cleanse the liver and the blood, problems that can manifest themselves in skin problems. Believe it or not he said that eating a slice of raw red beet (preferably organic) 2 times a day will do wonders for your body, including your skin. Just make sure that you chew the pet until it is completely masticated. This is one nature cure for acne treatment that you can find at almost any grocery store.