Quick Ejaculation Problem – What Are The Causes?

Around 25% men suffer from quick ejaculation problem also known as premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation or early climax. The characteristic of this condition is an individual's lack of control over ejaculation. It can cause distress in the person who suffers from it and also dissatisfaction for his partner and can lead to problems in the relationship if it is not dealt with sooner or later. While the exact cause of the quick ejaculation problem is not easy to pinpoint, there are several factors that are believed to contribute to this condition.

Psychological Issues

One of the main factors that contribute to quick ejaculation problem is psychological issues. If a person is suffering from stress at work, worry about his finances, depression due to a relationship not going well or just a general lack of confidence, it can influence his emotional state and this in turn can have an effect on his sexual performance.

Physical or Mental Illness

Another common cause of the quick ejaculation problem is a physical or mental illness. The problem can arise either due to an infection in the body such as in the prostrate or due to an illness or injury that affects the neurological functions of the person. In some cases, medication taken to combat another illness can cause premature ejaculation. For example, many cold medications that have pseudoephedrine are believed to cause premature ejaculation. Persons suffering from certain mental illnesses such as the bipolar disorder may also suffer from premature ejaculation at times.

Relationship Problems

Besides the physical, mental and psychological causes of the quick ejaculation problem, the condition could result from a problem in the relationship between the person and his partner. If communication has broken down between the couple, either due to conflicts or emotional hurt caused by one or the other's actions, this might result in a barrier to emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy might also be affected. This may result in manifestation in the form of premature ejaculation.