Questions About Cerebral Palsy

What is the cerebral palsy (CP) exactly?
Cerebral palsy is a disorder that occurs at a time in a child's development, the motor cells in the central nervous system, is chronic and progressive disorder or disability due to brain tissue that has not finished growing. Although the cerebral lesion is static and not progressive, but the development of signs of peripheral neurons will change due to cerebral maturation.

When a child began to suffer from cerebral palsy. Is it still in the womb or after birth?
There are several types. At the time of prenatal, during partus, and postnatal. In prenatal cases, nutrients and disturbance on the fetus could be why. While in partus, from the vacuum case can occur. Cerebral Palsy cases in can be caused by postnatal infection, such as meningitis. Baby at birth is very vulnerable and susceptible viruses. If already infected, the virus can directly attack the brain. When brain damage, this disease can occur. Parents can also get this disease. So this is depending on risk factors. If present, has a lot of immunization, so rarely infected.

What specific characteristics of cerebral palsy?
Any delay in the process of child development. For example, 1.5-year-olds can not walk yet, it should be expected. Another symptom is a neck that is still weak at the time the baby has reached the age of three months. Essentially, This is a developmental disorder, not a growth disorder. Only in some patients, no motor disturbances occurred. In the early stages, is not accompanied by symptoms of fever. However, if the Cerebral Palsy is caused by infection with an illness, fever may appear.

How is the brain, from children with CP, whether due to injury or certain shortcomings?
This Disease is not caused by injury to the brain. Implicitly rather than injury, but due to lack of oxygen supply to certain parts of the brain that causes the damaged section. This chance of damage becomes permanent damage. But with special care, the level of damage can be repaired to as much as 90 percent.

Does it matter to the intelligence?
Intelligence is not always disturbed in people with CP. There are patients who can go to school instead and achieve. Many patients can even continue their education up to university. All depends on the severity of Cerebral Palsy suffered.

Is Mikrosefali identical with cerebral palsy?
Mikrosefali is a state the size of the head circumference is smaller than standard size I was thinking that mikrosefali was always identical with CP but in fact children who suffer mikrosefali and late in its development is not necessarily cerebral palsy.

Would it be annoying sufferer independence level of patient? Does the patient continue to depend on others and can not fend for himself?
In the UK and Scandinavia 20-25% of patients with this disease are able to work as a labor management; as much as 30-35% of all CP patients with mental retardation require special care. Best prognosis in mild-degree functional. Prognosis gain weight if accompanied by mental retardation, seizures resurrection, vision and hearing disorders.

How about the cerebral palsy treatment?
There is no specific treatment for CP. Therapy is symptomatic, which is expected to improve the condition of the patient. Very early therapy can prevent or reduce the neurological symptoms. To determine the type of therapy or training provided and to determine its success, it is necessary to consider classification of CP based on the degree of functional ability of mild degree, medium and heavy. The goal of therapy is to help patients and their families improve motor function and prevent deformities and emotional adjustment and education so that patients may need a little help from others, patients are expected to be independent.

Drugs that are given depend on the symptoms that arise. For example, patient should be given anti-seizure seizures. For can be given baclofen and diazepam. If symptoms appear is nigiditas, it can be given levodopa Therapy may be needed orthopedic surgery and neurological surgery to reconstruct the deformities that occur.

Actually, CP will suffer lifelong. Doctors just do therapy to maximize function. Suppose to help the development of patient's legs. Previously could not walk, and with therapy and exercise, their muscles relaxed and can walk.