Pure Spirulina Powder – The Superfood Supplement

The all-around benefits of spirulina powder make it an ideal health supplement for you to achieve good health. The powder has been used as a dietary supplement long throughout history, so it should not be a surprise that there exists an in-depth understanding of its components.

Spirulina powder has been known as a ‘super food’ because of the vitamins and nutrients it contains. Its desirable components provide you with the necessary supplements in order to optimize your body’s function.

It basically contains a wide variety of vitamins. Among these vitamins are: thiamine or B1, riboflavin or B2, nicotinic acid or B3, pyridoxine or B6, folic acid or B9, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. This makes spirulina powder a desirable food supplement.

Also, it includes minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, chromium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, sodium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. The abundance of these minerals helps in satisfying the energy requirement and nutrient needs of your body.

The fine powder is a great source of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function well. Imagine these concentrations found in one food supplement and this labels spirulina as the ‘super food supplement’. For people who require higher levels of protein, spirulina is composed of 60% protein.

So this readily answers the need for higher protein level compared to other food supplements. Add to that the fact that the protein content has traces of cysteine, methionine, and lysine, which are amino acids considered important for your body with their distinct effects.

Cysteine has been known to prevent chronic bronchitis and even colon cancer. Lysine helps in preventing cold sores. Methionine, being an antioxidant, also improves your skin by removing harmful substances.

Although spirulina powder may not contain much protein compared to their foods counterparts such as meat or poultry products, the amino acid content is more concentrated and easily digested by the body.

The health benefits of spirulina powder are mainly concerned with reducing allergy symptoms and even inhibiting the invasion of viruses. This is done effectively by strengthening your immune system due to the high-vitamin and mineral content.

Spirulina powder may seem too good to be true. You might think it is expensive. The reality is that spirulina is actually very cheap! It is easy to produce making the food supplement a candidate in the fight against malnutrition.

Spirulina powder is an effective food supplement that gives you the nutrition that you need. Its health benefits are diverse because of the multitude of vitamins and minerals present. Known informally as the ‘super food’, a tablet a day can really make a difference in your life.