Pupps Rash – Extreme Itchiness During Pregnancy With Red Marks

A pupps rash is shorthand for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. You may have been itchy during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, skin stretching, heat and dry skin. However, the extreme itchiness of the pupp rash puts it in a class of it’s own. The rash can take the form of red pimple bumps, pink patches and may be mistaken as a hives reaction to foods.ingested. The disruption in sleeping is a main complaint of women suffering from this. There are plenty of challenges for sleeping with a growing baby inside you and adding an itchy rash to the mix just doesn’t seem fair.

Fortunately, the rash will not harm the baby and subsides after delivery of the child for most women. It is very uncomfortable and the usual recommendations are topical itch creams and histamine blockers to assist with sleep. Be aware that if blisters start to develop, it may be pemphigoid gestationis which is more serious and needs to be discussed with a doctor. For pupps, work on stress reduction techniques to calm your mind. Tell yourself that it is not life threatening and you and your baby will be find. Keep this as your main priority and use it calm yourself.

There have been reports of non-traditional alternatives being useful for pupps rashes and I will list some that are mentioned. Acupuncture has been discussed in several womens forums and there have been women who found this helpful in resolving the itching and rash. Pine tar soap externally and dandelion root internally was also recommended. In terms of homeopathic remedies for pupps, Apis Mellifica was cited by a few women participating in a pregnancy thread as helpful for them. Any recommendation needs to be discussed with your doctor and evaluated for safety. Using cold water compresses and taking oatmeal baths will give you temporary relief. Remember that your child will be a wonderful presence in your life and keep your focus on this to get yourself through the discomfort.