Pupp Pregnancy Rash – What is Pupps and When Will it Go Away

If it's not difficult enough to deal with abdominal pressure, sleep difficulties and hormonal changes during pregnancy, some women also go through a pupps rash or "pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy". This is a very itchy rash that can appear all of a sudden on your abdomen as well as spread to the thighs and butt area. Some women also will have this on their arms as well.

It occurs in less than one percent of women, but if you are in that group you know how frightening and uncomfortable the pupps rash can be. There are different theories about the causes. Some say it happens more if you are pregnant with a boy. Others say that is due to the distension of the abdominal area. Still others say it's hormones. Usually it occurs in the last 3 months of pregnancy, but some women will get it earlier. They will not hurt the baby and for most women the rash ends shortly after delivery of the child.

The biggest complaints are the itching, sleep difficulties and self-consciousness about one's appearance. Some tips are to wear lose clothing, do not expose yourself to settings where you may perspire and getting a

spray from to spray cold water on your body.

A physician can give you a cortisone cream to help ease the itching and most pediatricians say that taking an oral histamine is fine. You will need to check with your own physician. Oatmeal baths are soothing, though temporary. Be careful to avoid scratching as this can result in scarring or a bacterial infection.

There are also home remedies some say were helpful including using pine tar soap, lukewarm showers, baking soda pastes, tea tree oil, flax seed oil and ice packs. Using a relaxation cd or soft music can be helpful as itching often is increased by stress and anxiety. Know that it is temporary and that your baby will be a wonderful joy coming soon.