Psoriasis – What is this disease?

Psoriasis can be in the form of a mild infection, severe or chronic disease. It can show up on the surface of the skin as raised red or silvery skin or flaky skin. It can be crippling as in Psoriatic arthritis inflaming joints and as well as mail and toenail changes.

Over history it has been feared and misunderstood disease wrongly diagnosed from leprosy to dandruff. It is only in the last few decades through scientific research that inroads have been made. It is partially a genetic disease passed down through the family, and partially triggered by ill health, stress, environmental causes such as UV light, toxins etc. What happens is that the immune system breakdown creating a reaction that surfaces as the symptoms mentioned before.

There are five types of Psoriasis each with their own severity and form-

. Pustular Psoriasis

. Plaque Psoriasis

. Erythrodermic Psoriasis

. Guttate Psoriasis

. Inverse Psoriasis

Once properly diagnosed by your doctor. He will ask a number of questions to find the cause and condition how it is affecting you etc. Then before prescribing the treatment again a series of question have to be answered to evaluate the correct therapy. eg It is no good suggesting Photo therapy if the patient has to travel a long distance to receive it.

The purpose of any treatment of this disease is containment and reduction of the infection giving the patient a better quality of life. It will not be totally cured and has the habit of returning should it be triggered by any of the causes it started with. So for any sufferer of this disease you need to be educated so that you can either change your lifestyle or avoid the cause that triggered the disease in the first place.

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