Psoriasis – We Can not Change Our Genetics, But We Can Eliminate Stress

Presently genetic psoriasis theory is one of the most reliable psoriasis theories.

But genetic predisposition alone is not enough for the development of psoriasis. There has to be some kind of a trigger to start the mechanisms of psoriasis.

Let's discuss what stress is, and what stress may cause in the genetically predisposed to psoriasis people.

Stress is usually a strong negative (rarely – positive) mental or physical experience, which causes various negative chemical reactions in our body.

These chemical reactions are capable of deteriorating the internal organs of our body, and causing various physical disorders as well as various disorders of the nervous system. Most of these disorders would never have surfaced, had they not been triggered by stress.

In the same way stress may eventually also trigger the pathological mechanisms of psoriasis disease.

Various studies have shown that stress is one of the most often psoriasis triggers in the genetically predisposed to psoriasis people – about 50% of the cases. Stress is also a major factor for the flare up of psoriasis – about 40% of the cases.

Therefore, it would be a prudent thing to do to try to avoid getting stressed, or to learn to relieve your everyday stress.

Mental stress may be often caused by losing your loved ones, losing your job, getting divorced etc …

Physical stress may be often caused by freezing, getting into a car accident, undergoing a major surgery etc …

Stress may also be caused by a positive experience, such as getting married or giving birth to a child.

In order to try to prevent psoriasis in the predisposed to psoriasis adults and children, or to better manage the existing psoriasis, I would advise you to screen your life or your child's life for any possible causes of stress.

It is easier for an adult to find the possible causes of stress but it may be harder to do that for a child.

Here is the list of things you may want to look for in your child's life:
-Skipping Meals;
-Dressing Improperly;
-Having A conflict at school or in preschool;
-Insufficient Sleep or not enough rest;
-Uncomfortable Clothes or footwear.

By trying to eliminate stress, we may as well succeed in preventing psoriasis or improving the developed psoriasis. It is definitely worth a try.

Here are the most often symptoms of stress, both in the adults and in children:
-Feeling Down;
-Fast Heartbeat;

Thus, if you find anything that may be stressing you (or your child) you should try to eliminate it, especially if this turns out to have been a prolonged stress.

There are various relaxation techniques, which may help you in your stress management.