Psoriasis – The Mental and Emotional Issue and Solution

As any psoriasis sufferer knows only too well, psoriasis is not simply a physical disease. By that I mean, its effects are not limited to our flesh. True, the outward manifestation of psoriasis appears in our skin, but the disease reaches farther into our being than our skin. It affects our mental and emotional being as well.

Interestingly enough, we may feel that this effect on our mental and emotional being, from outward appearances, goes unnoticed. But is this really the case? Let me present an unrelated hypothetical example, and then we can analyze how this example relates to psoriasis, and our search for a more complete healing.

Suppose a woman keeps telling herself, "I'm not attractive to men. What is she going to do, without even realizing it? Her body is going to obey her mind! When she is in a group of people, and men are present, her body will act out exactly what she keeps telling herself it should! Her body language will indicate that she is not approachable or a good communicator. She may turn slightly away or fold her arms across her body. She may 'put on' a phony smile, or not look men in the eye when she speaks to them or they to her. She may not really pay attention to what they are saying. She may jokingly make cutting remarks, or put people down when she speaks. What happens? Men notice this, avoid her and do not engage her in conversation! Just like she keeps telling herself! This just keeps the vicious cycle going and reinforces in her mind how unattractive she thinks she is! This in turn, affects her actions even more, which again reinforces the negative thoughts, and on and on …

How does this example relate to the psoriasis sufferer? More importantly, what can be done about it?

The point is that both the conscious and subconscious mind affect the actions of the body. In the example above, the woman's conscious mind ("I'm not attractive to men") acts like a command to her subconscious mind. In turn, her subconscious mind carries out this command. This is diagnosed in the body language and actions of the woman. The woman, though, is totally unaware of the mind-body connection. She may even think she is acting in an outgoing approachable manner!

It can be the same with the psoriasis sufferer. He or she may feel self-conscious about psoriasis, and develop a self-condemnatory or negative attitude. This manifests itself in body language that, while unnoticed by the individual because of months or years or negative reinforcement, is clearly not noticed by others – job interviewers, prospective clients, supervisors, etc. The sufferer may conclude that he lost the job, sale or promotion because of the psoriasis, when in reality, it was his own body language that failed him!

What, then, is the solution? Quite simply, any program aimed at healing, clearing or curing psoriasis should involve more than relieving the physical manifestation of the disease. It needs to reach into the inner being. Here is where most current therapies, and programs fail. There is no pill, lotion, herb, ointment or other psoriasis medication available that can do this.

There is a program, however, that is designed to heal both the physical and mental aspects of psoriasis. The link to this program, "4 Keys To Clearing Psoriasis" may be found in the link below.