Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is dangerous disease which affects 2 to 3 % of the population of the world. Lesions and rashes develop on the skin and it increases the pain of the patient. Psoriasis causes and symptoms are known to the specialist and it can be examined by the doctor. Physical symptoms can be seen on the body and many other symptoms can be found by the tests in the labs. Bacteria are responsible for causing this disease. Many types of psoriasis are affect the patient and the most common is the plaque psoriasis. Guttate psoriasis is common in children and adolescents.

Following is the description of the symptoms of psoriasis:

1. Bright red lesions on the skin having the loose type of skin are common symptom for recognizing the disease. Different parts of the body like elbow, palm, ears, back, feet, knees and scalp etc are the major affected areas. Itching is caused in the areas like breasts and buttocks and bleeding in the lesions can be seen in this disease.

2. Nails are also the important part of the body which shows the symptoms of the disease. The nail color changes in the psoriasis and yellowish appearance can be noticed in the patient of psoriasis. Pits are developed in the nails of the patient and separation of nail bed can be seen at the end of the nail.

3. Plaques on the knees can be seen on both sides of the body. Drop like lesions are developed in the case of guttate psoriasis and it can be seen in the scalp too. Pain in the joints and swelling are also the symptoms of the psoriasis.

4. If you are living in the areas of cold or hot weather then the triggering of the disease can be seen. Hot and humid weather acts as the catalyst and the patient is more likely to develop the lesions on the skin.

5. Symptoms in the critical areas like penis and between the buttocks can be severe and can cause lot of pain. Moist areas are more likely to get the infections like the area between the buttocks and navel.

6. Dandruff in the scalp increases due to the psoriasis and it can also cause red patches. If there is any abrasion in the skin then the triggering of the psoriasis also shows the symptoms of psoriasis.

Psoriasis symptoms are easily visible on the skin of the patient and care should be taken to check in the critical parts of the body.