Psoriasis Skin Disease – The Cure

This write-up is intended for people suffering from Psoriasis. In fact I have someone very dear to me who is severely afflicted and I therefore write from the heart. For this reason I have been interesting myself in Psoriasis for the past few months and I have stumbled on a step-by-step method to cure the malady. There is no need to expand on how psoriasis affects its patients but for the benefit of the lucky ones who do not know anything about it, I'll say that it is an inflammatory condition of the skin generally characterized by the unsightly appearance of red and scaly patches, known as psoriatic plaques that can be itchy and sometimes painful as well. The skin becomes thick and scaly and begins to take on a silvery-white appearance typically on the elbows, knees, shins, scalp, buttocks or genitals, in fact anywhere over the body.

In the real world we deal with problems by trying to discover the root cause and then strive to develop ways and means to rout out the factors that are bringing on the problem. First the WHY and then the HOW, the 2 steps to correct any deficiency. As soon as the WHY is known we can safely say that we are half-way there. And this is the Good News for Psoriasis patients. It has been established that psoriasis occurs when the immune system, our natural 'body protection force' against bacteria and viruses, is not working on all four cylinders as it should. And when this happens we are in real danger of contacting other horrible diseases much worse than psoriasis. We might even die.

We now know, after much research that our immune system does not work properly due to excess ACIDS in our body brought about by the kind of foods we eat and the liquids we imbibe. Even stress is harmful since it makes our body produce high quantities of these harmful toxins. Our body is made up of many kinds of cells like skin cells and blood cells and these go wrong sometimes as in the case of skin cells in psoriasis patients or cancer cells (God Forbid) again owed to toxoxication by chemicals, preservatives, excessive use of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Years of abuse and lack of proper care turn our bodies into a home for harmful parasites that live and breed within our stomachs, small and large intestines and colon which cause all kinds of maladies and take many years off our lives. These disgusting parasites and plaque lining and clinging to the walls of our insides use our body as a food store and they live and breed by the millions while they make it very difficult for us to get rid of the excess harmful acids and fats. These toxins gradually bring about a change in the make-up of our cells rendering them unable to resist adequately or to act downright abnormally. In the case of psoriasis patients the skin cells act abnormally in that they develop in the afflicted area within only only 10 days instead of the normal 30-day cycle, hence the thickening of the skin.

PSORIASIS is not the actual disease but rather a sign of what is going on inside the patient's body, and any doctor who has any sense will tell you that if you clean up, the scars will disappear for ever with all the blessings and joie de vivre that this cure lies. This is the HOW of tackling the problem, the solution, Clean Up Your Insides.

We know that previous treatment methods bought only limited temporary relief to patients if any at all and this is because these methods treat the effects of Psoriasis rather than the cause. The new field of Bioenergetics relates to the energy system of the body and how it is affected when we feel healthy and when we are sick.

For those who do not know about Psoriasis, those afflicted suffer constant discomfort, sometimes pain and itchiness, restricted motion in their joints and lack of energy. They feel disheartened and disappointed time and time again by the treatment that is currently available to them. They feel like there is no hope, no cure, and that they are condemned to live with Psoriasis all their lives. Indeed their doctors tell them so. Psoriasis may develop into acute arthritis and other severe maladies as well.

However, the 'good' thing is that Psoriasis is simply the SYMPTOM of a very fundamental and dangerous imbalance within the body. Psoriasis is, in a sense, the least of the patient's worries, it is just a warning sign of a total breakout inside the body. Once the patient's insides are cleansed from the harmful acids and toxins, her whole system starts to right itself and the body begins to heal, symptoms associated with Psoriasis will disappear for ever and energy levels soon start to rise. The afflicted person starts thinking 'healthy' again and will regain her freedom from a life of taking drugs and applying ointments without seeing any really positive results.

My relative, above mentioned has been suffering from Psoriasis for the past 3 years. She has been following this method of cleansing for the past 2 weeks now and we are seeing very good progress. The large Psoriasis scars on her shins are healing and disappearing rapidly and she no longer complains of a pain here and a stiff joint there. Her new-found energy is amazing. Finally we can be happy again. Thank God for this breakthrough.