Psoriasis Free for Life Review – The Truth I Found About Katy Wilson’s Ebook

Do you or someone you love suffer from psoriasis?

Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading about my journey. Trust me when I say I know how it feels, because up until a half a year ago so did I.

I hated to look at my body in the mirror. I didn’t like to feel self conscious about all the little red patches that covered my arms and legs, it was embarrassing to show them in public and I always knew that someone was staring at me. I especially hated the hot months because everyone else was wearing skirts and I was stuck in pants and long sleeves. I would not be caught dead in a bikini.

I tried all sorts of creams prescribed by the doctors, went to dermatologist after dermatologist. I even tried the UVB thing which seemed to only make my skin burn. I started to go into a state of depression when all I really wanted to do was look normal like everyone else.

Now my step father’s new girlfriend has psoriasis too but we didn’t really talk because I didn’t like her. I only noticed on the few occasions we were in the same room together. She had the same small patches on her arms. It had been a few months since I’d seen her and my step father ask me to go out with them for drinks. I agreed because I hadn’t seen him.

To my surprise she had on a very seductive cocktail dress which I only dreamed of being able to wear. I was wondering how she had done it because her arms were out and everything and no psoriasis. She introduced me to a book called Psoriasis Free for Life by a Katy Wilson. Of course I started interrogating her about it because I was astonished.

About a week later I had to download this eBook that went straight to my computer. Once I paid the $19.97 it was downloading it and reading it within minutes. The way I figured was $20 was nothing compared to all the other things I tried in the past.

In summary this book is written by a former psoriasis sufferer by the name of Katy Wilson. She started this book to log her own success story dealing with her psoriasis using natural holistic remedies.

The information contained within the book was like nothing I had ever seen before, even though I skimmed through the first part of the book and went straight to the actual program I started to see noticeable result after about 24 days time.