Psoriasis Eczema Skin Symptoms and a New Psoriasis Eczema Treatment

Eczema and Psoriasis are the two names given to a range of harsh skin conditions that for the patient are distressing and often painful to endure. This breakdown and deterioration in the skin are frequently also referred to as dermatitis in more general terms.

Eczema skin symptoms with the dryness, inflammation can become even more of a problem if infection gains hold. But in its many different and specific formations Psoriasis is the more caustic and irritating, although none of these skin problems can not be passed on from person to person.

Many things can act as a trigger for dermatitis such as certain medically prescribed drugs such as beta blockers and lithium based medicine. A strong genetic link has been established in people with regularly occurring dermatitis.

Guttate Dermatitis is identified by a rash, red lumps raised skin lesions that occur mainly on the arms legs, front of abdomen and back area. Commonly occurs after a throat infection known in medical circles as streptococcul viral infection.

Over three quarters of sufferers that have dermatitis have Plaque dermatitis.This particular type can occur on any part of the body in large accumulations of red lumpy raised tracts of blisters with flaking white scaly surface lying over it. When it forms on the knee joints, elbow, underarm or neck it can crack and bleed and can lead to possible further infection.

Like most forms of dermatitis it can settle down for a period of weeks and flare up again and last for a longer or shorter period of time.