Psoriasis Creams – Baths And-Or Showers

If you have recently been diagnosed with  psoriasis , you are probably already consulting with a dermatologist. Your dermatologist will explain for you exactly how you should now go about your skin care.

The two leading topics will likely be moisturizing your skin and bathing yourself. Simply bathing correctly and with appropriate frequency can be a very effective way of dealing with the aching, discomfort and pain that  psoriasis  frequently causes.

Your doctor will probably strongly advise you to not take long showers or baths. You will likely have been told not to bathe in hot water. All bathing should be done as quickly as possible, using lukewarm water. Perhaps you don’t need to bathe or shower daily; that would be good. Daily showers or baths could be harmful to you, damaging your skin by removing oils, letting it dry too much.

When you finish with each shower or bath, just pat yourself dry, making certain to moisturize your skin thoroughly right afterward with  psoriasis  creams to keep the moisture in your skin.

Too many baths or showers can be bad for you. They can dry out your skin significantly if you don’t use proper care and take the correct steps right afterward. Having dry skin can be a worst nightmare for anyone suffering from  psoriasis . Dry skin means itchy skin. And itchy skin can lead directly to yet another  psoriasis  flare-up.

Most Physicians and other health specialists will tell you that short baths or showers are O.K. Taking a bath or shower can help alleviate symptoms of  psoriasis . It can also give your body/skin a lot of the moisture it requires. To keep that benefit you will need to capture and “lock in” that moisture immediately, by applying  psoriasis  creams and skin lotions.

When you dry yourself off, you should avoid the quick rubbing motions you are probably accustomed to. Instead, you want to pat yourself dry, gently drying the excess water remaining on your skin. You don’t need to be totally dry when you moisturize. In fact, a small amount of water should remain there to keep your skin well hydrated. Right after you towel off, apply lotion or cream rapidly before the excess water has a chance to evaporate.

It usually helps if you add oils to your bath water. Use oils like vegetable oil, mineral oil or olive oil. Any of these oils can help soothe your skin and fight off inflammation. Adding in Epsom Salts will also help relieve many  psoriasis  symptoms. And it will help to keep those dry, itchy spots away.

Showers or baths can help you keep your skin moisturized. This could avoid or relieve some of the pain caused by  psoriasis . You just need to always remember to bathe or shower quickly, keep the water lukewarm, pat (don’t rub) dry and moisturize immediately afterward with  psoriasis  creams.