Psoriasis and the Diet – Whole Foods and Organic Foods

Since the age of around 25 years old, my dad suffered from really bad psoriasis with very visible plaques on his scalp, elbows, knuckles and even on his back. Having been to the doctors on countless occasions he was always prescribed medication, shampoos and range of topical lotions to improve the condition. This medication didn’t work, at best it controlled outbreaks but in terms of curing the condition – it didn’t even come close.

His Story

So around 2 years ago he finally took my advice (after many years of refusal) and took matters into his own hands to try and find ways of combating the condition naturally, by considering the root cause of the problem and addressing it. Today, he’s clear, and the journey from severe psoriasis to being clear was around 3 months. All our research and effort to help him clear the psoriasis paid dividends and his life is so much better for it.

In this article I cover one factor that made a huge difference to his condition.

The root cause of psoriasis

Psoriasis is caused by excessive development in the bottom layers of skin that push themselves to the surface and cause significant inflammation.


Toxicity in the body is caused by a wide variety of different things – the air we breathe, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the chemicals that touch us. But one of the main causes of toxicity is a poor diet. Dermatologists are now starting to agree about the link between toxicity and psoriasis.

What we Found

A diet full of whole organic foods is one of the few factors that really helped to control and prevent the onset of psoriasis. Processed foods such as most cereals, pizzas, chocolates and other highly toxic foods such as red meat and excessive amounts of dairy should be replaced with oats, wheat, wholegrain bread, pasta, potatoes and fibrous vegetables.

Another small trick we added to his diet was to increase the amount of water that was drunk throughout the day. Water can help the liver, kidneys and bowels by flushing toxic out of the body. He drunk a pint of water as soon as he woke up, one pint at lunchtime and one in the evening with smaller amounts between.

By removing these from the diet we noticed a significant drop in the number and severity of plaques within the first week. Not only that, but complexion of the skin and his general well being improved greatly too.

That shows that my dad’s toxicity was highly linked to diet. For you that might not be the case, but there is no way of proving what is the cause of the toxicity in your blood so process of elimination is the logical way to solve it.