Psoriasis and Alcohol: Stop Drinking for Quick Psoriasis Relief

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that manifests as severely dry patches of skin all over the body. The condition is not contagious, but it is chronic and can often be difficult to control. It is not yet understood what causes psoriasis, but there are certain triggers that can exacerbate the condition. Alcohol consumption has been linked to psoriasis, and drinking alcohol may negatively impact psoriasis patients in various ways.

The Link Between Psoriasis and Alcohol #1: Alcohol Consumption Weakens the Liver

Although it is not exactly understood how alcohol worsens psoriasis, it is clear that an increase in alcohol consumption can lead to a psoriasis flare. Some studies have shown that people who suffer from psoriasis on average have weaker livers that are more sensitive to alcohol intake. Alcohol negatively impacts healthy livers in those unaffected with the skin condition, so it may be more damaging to those predisposed to psoriasis. The liver is responsible for detoxifying the body; if it is unable to do its job, accumulated toxins may manifest as psoriasis. Increasing alcohol intake greatly weakens liver and worsens existing psoriasis symptoms.

The Link Between Psoriasis and Alcohol #2: Alcohol Contributes to an Excess of Candida in the Body

Even psoriasis patients who drink small amounts of alcohol may be prone to candida overgrowth. Candida is yeast that is believed to exacerbate psoriasis symptoms; it is theorized to cause inflammation in the body and hyperactivity in the immune system, leading to more skin lesions.

The Link Between Psoriasis and Alcohol #3: Alcohol Dries Out the Skin

Drinking alcohol also contributes to dry skin. Since psoriatic skin is already dry and scaly, it would be wise to stay away from the bar. Simply refraining from the occasional drink may greatly improve skin lesions in some cases.

The Link Between Psoriasis and Alcohol #4: Alcohol May Interact with Drugs Used to Treat Psoriasis

Alcohol can also interact with psoriasis treatment drugs in unwanted ways. In many cases, it renders the medication useless; if you are unlucky, you could find yourself in the hospital due to an unforeseen but dangerous alcohol and drug interaction. If you are taking numerous medications for psoriasis, make sure you understand how drinking impacts them.

If you currently drink alcohol, the best thing you can do to achieve quick psoriasis relief is to quit the habit. The best way to beat psoriasis is to live a healthy lifestyle free from tobacco and alcohol.

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