Psoriasis – A Serious Skin Condition

Psoriasis is a serious skin condition which causes much distress. The skin is dry, red, cracking with sometimes silvery scales that shed everywhere and the round, raised, itchy spots can affect your scalp, elbows, knees, stomach, groin, almost anywhere.

It is stubborn but treatable and the key word here is persistence. It is not a condition that just appeared overnight and it will take a while for it to be under control. Watching what you eat can be an important factor in controlling psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a metabolic disease meaning it affects the whole body and the body is saturated with toxins. To eliminate toxins they must be expel by the liver, filtered by the kidneys and leave the body either by the skin, urine or bowel. They can also be reduced by exercising which causes the body to perspire and by breathing deeply in fresh air. In the case of the psoriasis sufferer the body is that toxic that the skin becomes poorly affected and itchy leading to the psoriasis in the long-term.

In order for the psoriasis to calm down it is important not to have too many showers as this will irritate the psoriasis even further especially hot showers. Also do not use photographed soaps in the area as the psoriasis will itch even more and spread. Mineral baths though can be calming on psoriasis and seawater is good on the affected areas so swimming is good if the water is clean. Also let the sun hit the area where the psoriasis mostly occurs to give it a good dose of natural Vitamin D but take care not to burn the skin and if the psoriasis begins to become too red then go back indoors.

Regarding healthy eating it becomes important to put foods into the body that will create few toxins, help in expelling toxins and build up the general immunity of the person so they can fight the psoriasis. Emphasis needs to be on raw seeds and nuts especially sesame seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. Also eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. Cold pressed vegetable oils are also important such as sesame and flaxseed oil. Avoid saturated animal fat found in pork, milk, butter and eggs as all these toxins and the toxins will spread the psoriasis even further through the body. Try not to eat refined or processed foods or those containing fat or white sugars which are not good for any of us let alone someone who has itchy, irritated psoriasis through their body. Also avoid citrus fruit especially juices but cranberry or apple juice is tolerable. If you are not prone to sinus or intolerant to yoghurt or cheese then you can have yoghurt or natural cottage cheeses as a dessert without it causing harm.

Helpful supplements for psoriasis from the standpoint of building up the immune system are Vitamins E and A, Lecithin, a Calcium magnesium supplement, Vitamin F (essential fatty acids found in flaxseed, sesame seed or soy oil), B complex, Brewers yeast, Kelp , Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, Whey powder and trace minerals as in seawater. Good juices to drink are carrot, beet, cucumber, grapes and black currant but always remember to have half juice and half water due to the sugar content of juices being way too high if they are drunk on their own.

Remember with psoriasis it is important to cleanse the liver how ever do not begin to do this until you are sure that your bowel is working properly. No point in cleansing a liver into a clogged bowel that does not function. So to expel the toxins associated with psoriasis, or any toxins for that matter, you need to drink plenty of water – up to 2 liters a day, take a probiotic and prebiotic so the digestion is working properly, clean out the bowel with a bowel cleanse and then clean out and strengthen the liver. At the same time to help with psoriasis it becomes important to raise your immunity.

However if all the above is not done in balance then you will not assimilate the nutrients from your food or your supplements and you will still be battling psoriasis in years to come. That is why you need to consult a practitioner who can guide you through your personal, natural health program in how to handle psoriasis. A practitioner who can also take into account the mental and emotional impact of living with psoriasis for the length of time you have and can also help you to heal mentally and emotionally as well as physically.