Psoriasis – A Long Term Solution Exists!

Psoriasis is a chronic illness affecting the skin and the scalp. With the cause unknown and no permanent cure as yet discovered, those afflicted with psoriasis are forced to suffer the dry, flakey skin that is the primary outward symptom of the disease and that causes much mental and emotional anguish, due mainly to the reaction from others and the fear of infection – this despite the known fact that psoriasis is in no way contagious!

Many medicines, creams, lotions and treatments for psoriasis are available. Some are based on natural ingredients; some contain hormones and steroids, with the possibility of side effects. All of the medicines demand constant usage in order to achieve an effect that is, for the most part, only partial and short lived. Many treatments demand regular repeat sessions that interrupt the normal life of the psoriasis sufferer and can cost substantial sums of money.

However, one psoriasis treatment that has been proven both scientifically and statistically to provide long term – up to nine months – remission with no need for repeat or booster treatments is a course of treatments at the Dead Sea.

Psoriasis treatments at the Dead Sea take advantage of the unique physical qualities of the area: an extremely high saline and mineral content in the water and the mud that both removes the skin damaged by psoriasis and cleanses and nourishes the fresh skin underneath, dry, pollutant free air that aids recovery, a dense ozone layer that filters out the harmful UV radiation wavelengths, leaving behind only those parts of the wavelength that are beneficial to the skins recovery and lengthen the amount of time that one can be exposed to the sun’s rays without fear of adverse side effects.

Whilst it’s true that psoriasis treatments do take time – anywhere between one to four weeks – the advantage of psoriasis treatments at the Dead Sea lies in that they are 100% natural with no adverse side effects, the treatments put the psoriasis in remission for up to nine months and you can bring your family with you and have a great vacation whilst staying at one of the luxurious five star hotels that the area offers.