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Pseudo Pancreatic Cyst Treatment In India

Pseudo Pancreatic cysts

Pancreatic cysts are aggregations of fluids in the pancreas. They are classified into true cysts (lined with epithelial cells) and false or pseudo-cysts (lined with fibrous tissue). True pancreatic cysts are less common (only 20% of incidence) and include congenital polycystic disease of the pancreas, among others.

A pseudocyst (80% of incidence) is a collection of fluid in the lesser sac. It can occur as a result of trauma to the pancreas, or following acute or chronic pancreatitis (of which alcoholism is a significant cause), or due to perforation of a posterior gastric ulcer (which is rare)…

Many times, the pancreatic pseudo-cysts do not require treatment and simply quiet down within a few weeks. However, there are some pseudo pancreatic cysts that do require some intervention since they persist even after six weeks have elapsed. Some get big enough to cause abdominal pains as they interfere with normal movement of materials through the stomach and duodenum, or they can get infected.

In such cases, they may be drained by percutaneous (via special needles under ultrasound guidance), endoscopic or surgical procedures. The type and degree of intervention varies, depending on the expertise of the physicians, but overall, doctors are veering away from surgical intervention and favoring non-surgical drainage…

A healthy lifestyle will help you minimise the risks of pancreatitis, which is a common culprit in the formation of the more common pseudocysts. With proper management of your diet and with temperance in the use of alcohol, you may not have to worry about ever getting pancreatic cysts…

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