Pruning Grapes – The Essential Factor

In achieving grapes that are healthy and great tasting, one facet that you need to give undivided attention to is maintenance. This includes making sure that no pest bother your grapes and that they have the best nutrients needed for growth. In addition to all that was mentioned, you also need to zone in on pruning grapes. This is the one process that will ensure the development of great tasting grapes and wine.

Caring and maintaining your grapes are very crucial to the overall health of your vines. Pruning grapes gives you the ability to control the growth of your vines as well as their form. In addition, it also gives management over the size and balance between vegetation and fruit.

Pruning promotes growth on your veins part. Take note that only new growth will promote the development of grapes so it is crucial that healthy new canes are grown each year. New growth will not be possible if you scrape pruning off of your routine. Start your pruning early, never do it late. Early pruning results to a vineyard that is pruned properly and on time while a vineyard that is pruned late may result to “harmless” bleeding.

Here’s an interesting question, “What would happen if you did not prune?” This is truly a great question and a lot of things can happen actually. One of these is overabundance of fruits. This can be really deceiving on the part of the novice grape grower as more for them is better. This is not true on the perspective of grape growing.

If there are too many fruits on the vines of your grape, they will not be able to muster enough energy to bring all of the fruits towards the ripening stage. And as a result, the quality of the grapes will greatly suffer. With that being said, you need to remember that the real purpose of pruning grapes is to maintain the correct amount or fruit and vegetation. This gives the right balance between fruits and the vines. Pruning ensures that the amount of fruits on each vine is enough to be taken towards the ripening stage.

So with everything being said, it is very obvious that the process of pruning for grapes is a very critical and essential component of growing grapes. So do not neglect this. Be over zealous in making sure that your grapes are pruned. The rewards are just too sweet to ignore.