Protect Your Heart from Heart Disease

One of the major killers of people in America is heart disease and there before it makes sense to watch what you eat, exercise regularly and protect yourself; If you do not, you could easily shave 10-years off your life. Heart Disease kills more American people than cancer, car accidents and wars combined. Do not think you are automatically immune due to good genetics, because if you do not take care of yourself your heart can not take good care of you. If it stops you stop too.

How can you protect yourself? Well stop over eating foods that you know will gum up your system and arms, these foods are no secret and everyone knows that you can not douse everything you eat in fattening sauces, butter and greases. Play it smart on your food intake. Another huge issue is Americans do not exercise enough and they say if you walk a minimum of three miles per day you will add at least 10-years to your life, so why not start tomorrow and do that for yourself, your family and your heart . Play it smart with your heart.

If you can not take your daily walk then do isometric exercises, a few sets with free weight curls or leg lifts. So simple and yet people do not do it? Why not? Surely you can see the value in these simple things and eating a little better. Add some years to your life experience and if not for yourself do it for the family. Consider all this in 2006.