Prospection About 2010 NFL Baltimore Ravens


Offensive: Quarterback Margo third year, has impressed during his first two seasons. He thread for 3.613 yards and 21 are affected with 12 interceptions last season. He was on his way to an even better before the leg and hip limited him in the final. With his size and great strength in the arms Flak has the potential to be an elite passer. It has already to be a winner, what the Ravens to three wins in five career games in the playoffs. Further wins certainly follow, as it continues to mature. We have seen a huge step in 2010 with the addition of teacher, the Ravens finally have a number to a receiver.

Permanent dealing with injuries, sentence 84 passes for 1024 yards last season, teacher. He and Derrick Mason, who taught a 73-yard 1028 season is to contribute to the offensive at 213.7 yards per game on average, in the air in 2009.

Teacher and Mason will certainly chances of stars as a defense of the stacking box with the hope of limiting Ray Rice. Rice off a Pro Bowl season, during which he amassed a total of 2041 yards of scrimmage. 1339, the yards came on the ground.

Fight against Jared great Michael brings a new attraction and a huge offensive line.

Defense: Baltimore at # 3 in the NFL in defense last season, scored, yielding only 16.3 points per game. Baltimore and graduated number three series in total defense with only 300.5 yards per game.

Linebacker Ray Lewis is still the leader of the emotional unit. The team with the linebacker Terrell Surges and Johnson and fellow defensive lineman Kelly Gregg and, one of the best Sevens at anchor in football. The project includes Terrence Cody Kindle and additional depth.

Ed Reed was looking security retirement, when he was an interference of nerve pain. But the talk has disappeared, and it looks that is the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year to lead back to Baltimore secondary.

Prediction: First North – Latest current teacher should improve air raid missing moves. Baltimore has a strong running game and see one of the best defenses in the NFL not, I stand in the way of a proof of the North. Pittsburgh is facing the suspension of Ben Ruthless and Cincinnati is not difficult to imagine, dealing with questions on the chemical signature Pagan Jones and Terrell Owens.