Prophylaxis of Glomerulonephritis (GN)

Since an attack of acute GN occurs as a result of sore throat, prophylactic steps should have taken to eradicate the infection in the entire family, and ideally in the whole community, where a particular case has occurred, so that further spread of infection can be prevented. The patient, as well as other associated persons, should be treated for sore throat with a suitable antibiotic. If possible, culture and sensitivity should also be taken out after taking throat swabs, and the antibiotic indicated in the culture report should be given. Immediate treatment should be taken in cases where the culture shows the growth of beta-haemolytic streptococcus, responsible for sore throat / an acute attack of GN. Such urgent measures may save various other members of the family / community from an attack of acute GN.

Since a sore throat infection is the main culprit in such acute case, general measures are required to prevent its incidence in masses. Overcrowding, highly-populated areas, especially like the slums, should be avoided as far as possible. In other words, living conditions have to be improved. A patient with a sore throat should take an antibiotic at the earliest, and keep himself / herself isolated, so that the infection of throat does not spread to others, while coughing, etc. The patient coughs out droplets of sputum, contaminated with organisms, into the air, which may be inhaled by other persons, and hence the infection spreads in a family / community.

Here general measures regarding the prevention of sore throat, as well as its prevention in a community / family, who are likely to contract sore throats, are urgently needed, so that the disease can be prevented, and its further spread arrested.

At the same time, steps should be taken to detect hidden cases of GN as early as possible, so that the disease can be brought under control, and further progress, including fatal complications, prevented. For this, the only way is to examine the urine for albumin in a population, preferably through various medical camps, periodically, say, six-monthly / yearly, as in the case of UTI, so that if the disease is suspected, it can be diagnosed, and treated.

Further, the public should also be made aware of this disease, so that patients can report to the physician for timely action.

Here, prevention of sore throat and the early detection of GN are strong measures for the overall control of this disease.