Properties and action of oils used in Massage (DALAK)


Properties and action of oils used in Dalak

Roghan-e Amla Khas

Composition: Emblica officinalis (Amla sabz) 250 gm, Eclipta erecta (Bhangra sabz) 250 gm, Lawsonia alba (Leaves mehndi) 250 gm, Valeriana afficinalis (balchar) 50 gm, Zingiber zerumbet ( Zarnabad) 50 gm, Sesamum indicum oil (Roghan Kunjad) 1 lit. +125 ml

Action: Inhibits falling hairs.

Roghan-e Azaraqi

Composition (Azaraqi) 125 gm, Sesamum indicum ( Roghan Kunjad) 750 ml

Action Anti inflammatory (Tahleel-e waram), Anti arthritis and Analgesic.

Roghan-e Babuna

Composition: Matricaria chamomilla (Gul-e Babuna) 100 gm, Sesamum indicum (Roghan-e Kunjad) 300 gm

Action: Cervical Spondilysis, Anti inflammatory, Anti arthritis, Analgesic, Anti phlogistic such as Pneumonia and Pleurisy.

Roghan-e Banafsha

Composition: Viola odorata (Gul-e Banafsha) 300gm, Sesamum indicum (Roghan Kunjad) 3 litere +375ml

Action: Analgesic for headache (Shuddah), Insomnia (Sahar) and Sudoritic.

Roghan-e Bayed- Anjeer

Composition: Maghz-e Bayed-anjeer As req.

Action: Constipation (orally) 25-50 ml, Arthritis (locally).

Roghan-e Baiza-Murgh

Composition: Poultry eggs (Murghi ke anday) 10 Nos, Petroleum etner (Petrol safaid) 1 litere Or Sesamum indicum oil (Roghn-Kunjad) 700 ml Indication: Hair growth Promoter, Prevents premature graying of hair Aphrodisiaces.

Roghan-e Badam shirin

Composition: Prunus amygdalus (Maghz-badam shirin) As req.

Indication: Constipation due to intestinal dry ness, Anodyne and sudorific, Pestoratine and tonicDoes: 5-10 ml with 250 ml milk in constipation, Also L/A Hair and part of the body with massage

Roghan-e Mom

Composition: Bees wax (Mom desi) 1kg, Acacia Arabica (Charcol /kikar ka koila) 50 gm,

Indication: General analgesic, Anti arthritic, Anti Colic, Emollient for scalds and burns, Anti phlogistic such as Pneumonia, Pleurisy

Roghan-e Mastagi

Compositión: Pistacia lentiscus (mastagi) 75 gm, Sesamum indicus (Roghn-kujad)         700 ml

Indication: Hardness of the Liver, Spleen, Muscles, Nervine tonic

Roghan-e Aakh

Composition: Caloptropis gigantea (Gule- akh taza) 200 gm, Zingiber officinali (Zanjibil) 100 gm, Colchicum autumnale (Suranjan talkh) 100 gm, Sesamum indicum oil (Roghan kunjad) 850 ml

Indication: Gout, rheumatic arthritis, Lumbago, Analgesic for pain in the leg, joints

Roghan-e Kaddu

Composition: Lagenaria siceraria (Maghaz-e Tukhum kaddu) As req.

Indication: Analgesic, Sudoritic and Cerebral tonic.

Roghan-e Surkh

Composition: Calotropis gigantea (Buró-aakh taza) 100 gm, Allium sativum (lehsan) 40 gm, Berberis aristata (Darhald nimkofta) 20 gm, Curcuma longa (Haldi) 20 gm, Santalum album (burada sandal safaid) 20 gm, Strychnos nux-vomica (hab-ul gharab) 20 gm, Zingiber zerumbet (Nar kachur) 20 gm, Red oily dyc (Roghani rand) 1 gm, Brassica integritolia (Roghan-e Sarson) 250 ml, Brassica cernua (Roghan-e Rai) 450 ml, Cinna momum officinalis (Roghan-e darchini) 5 ml, Clove oil (Roghan-e Luang) 5 ml

Indication: Facial parálysis (Laqwa), Paralysis (Faliz), Gout (Nakarash), Gonagra, Podagra, Omagra, Sciatica and Lumbago, Vulnerary, anti phlogistic like Pneumonia, Pleurisy. Allied diseases due to accumulation of uric acid and crystal

Roghan-e Dhatura

Composition: Datura metal (Tukhm datura siyaha) 100 gm, Sesamum indicum oil (Til ka tail) 250 ml, Indication: Palsy Paralysis, Facial Paralysis and Gout.

Roghan Amla

Strengthens brain, hair roots and prevents falling hair and retains their blackness

Rub on the head whenever required.

Rogan Auja Sufaid

Helps in all types of pain of organs and gases. Effective in swelling of internal trauma and external trauma.

Apply on the affected area.

Rogan Azaraqi

Strengthens nerves, effective in paralysis gouts and tremory.

Apply on the affected area.

Roghan Babchi

Is useful to vitiligo (leucoderma)

Apply on the affected area whenever required.

Roghan Babuna

Helps to heal internal swelling reduces pain

Apply lukewarm roghan on the affected area brings sleep.

Roghan Badam

Dub in the scalp, it strengthens brain, soothes tired nerves and induces sleep, when given orally it removes dryness and constipation

For constipation, add milk and drink. For weakness of brain apply it on head.

Roghan Banafsha

Strengthens brain, removes dryness of the chest and induces sleep

Rub whenever required

Roghan Bars

Helps to improve blood circulation at the affected white spots area. Brings back originally of skin.

Rub on the white spots whenever required.

Roghan Baiza Murgh

Strengthens brain and brings potency. Prevents premature graying of the hair.

Rub on the scalp region. For potency apply on the male genital organs.

Roghan Chahar Barg

Effective in rheumatism and sciatica, redness and swelling

Rub on the affected part

Roghana Farfiyun

Effective in swelling of joints.

Apply on the affected part

Roghan Gul

Effective in headache and insomnia also relieves tension

Apply in head while sleeping

Roghan Haft Barg

Effective in swelling, rheumatism and sciatica

Apply on the affected part

Roghan Kahu

Brings sleep effective in headache

Apply on the affected area twice a day

Roghan Kamila

Reduces swelling, effective in baldness and itching

Apply on the affected area twice a day

Roghan Kharateen

Helps to bring vigour and vitality to the male reproductive organ

Apply on the organ

Roghan Khashkhash

Effective in insomnia and headache.

Apply on the head and forehead

Roghan Laboob Sada

Effective in weakness and dryness of the brain, chromic insomnia and headaches

Rub gently on the forehead and scalp wound in it

Roghan Laung

Effective in toothache and headache.

Apply with cotton on the wound and in headache rub on the head.

Roghan Loban

Heals the wound, destroys germs.

Apply on the affected part

Roghan Malkangni

Strengthens nerves, effective in rheumatism, sciatica, and backache

Apply on the affected part