Proper Nutrition With a Hiatal Hernia Diet

It is vital that people with a hiatal hernia eat a proper diet packed with the right nutrition and full of ingredients that do not irritate or upset their condition. A hiatal hernia diet is one that an individual must develop and keep over their entire lives in order to properly treat the condition. It can be very confusing to most, since it is not usually made clear by a doctor or nurse what foods one should, or should not be taking in. Even so, the proper diet for people living with this condition is not just about what one eats, but also how they eat.

The first thing one must know about a proper diet for hiatal hernia is that you must eat small meals. Since you will be consuming smaller portions of food, it is recommended that you eat more often. This generally translates into five or six small meals per day, or one meal every two to three hours. It is also not advised to eat a meal right before bedtime. People who are on a hiatal hernia diet must remember to not eat anything for the last two hours they are awake each day, in order to avoid problems during the night time hours, which can lead to both insomnia and an irritation of the condition.

There are some foods that you must try to avoid when undertaking a diet for a hiatus hernia. It is greatly advised not to consume alcohol. Other foods such as those that contain dairy products, have also been linked to worsen the irritation. This means that you should avoid the consumption of cottage cheese, sour cream and ice cream. Some acidic fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit have also been shown to increase the symptoms. It is very important to avoid all these products, if you are on a hiatal hernia diet.

One type of diet you may choose to undertake if you have a hernia, is the following: it is a diet that is made up of foods that have no irritating effects at all. Seeds, nuts, whole grains, fruit and vegetables are the foods that individuals generally eat when they are on a hiatus hernia diet. Some people who have this condition decide to eat these foods as it is one of the most effective ways to treat their condition and keep it under control.

As you probably can tell it is important to properly plan your hiatal hernia diet. It may be difficult to keep track of all the safe and bad foods, but it is necessary for to stay in good health. If you are having difficulty doing so, do think about keeping a food journal. A food journal will make it easier to keep track of foods that increase the symptoms of hiatus hernia. This can go a long way in keeping you happy and healthy.