ProExtender – How to Straighten a Penis Curvature?

Many men are very surprised to discover that there is actually a name for what they are suffering from – Peyronie’s Disease. Penis curvature is actually a fairly common problem, but it still causes the sufferer to feel extreme anxiety and distress over the look of their penis.

An obvious curve in a penis, will cause even the most secure men to be afraid to get intimate with a woman. All the thoughts begin going through their minds, such as “What if she recoils when she sees it?” or “What if she laughs?”.

Although women are generally more understanding, the worries and anxiety remain, and these men can suffer from severe self-esteem issues. In direct contrast, however, there are some men who are actually proud of their curved penis.

They feel that their special look demonstrates a rebellious nature. Not only that, but a curved penis actually can be very desirous for a woman, due to the curve allowing the penis to come in contact with areas that would normally not be reached by a straight penis.

This is why having a curved penis can, in fact, not be considered a liability to many men. However, the pros and cons should be considered regarding a curved penis, because there are still women who prefer a straight penis and men who cannot accept looking different.

There are generally two causes of penis curvatures: caused either by natural growth of the penis, or a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease.

The natural curvature happens when two chambers of the penis develop at different rates through the years, bending the penis in towards the slower growing chamber. There is no way to predict a tendency for this condition to occur, although it can be treated if the person so chooses.

Peyronie’s Disease is named after Francois de la Peyronie, a surgeon to Louis XIV of France, who was one of the very first men to offer a treatment in 1743. While the mechanism of this disease is very clear, it is still not entirely understood what causes this disease.

In effect, the “tunica albuginea”, which is the tough layer of connective tissue containing the Corpus Cavernosa, begins to form a scar tissue. This, in turn, prevents the normal expansion of the penis during an erection, which eventually bends the penis to one side.

There are completely natural penis exercises available which can improve the curvature in a penis. One of these exercises which has been effective in treating this problem, is called the Jelq. Another very effective method for fixing a penis curvature, is a traction device. The constant pull of the traction device eventually loosens up the “tunica albuginea”, which then straightens the penis.

The best way to ensure success, is to combine both of these methods together, to see maximum results. This will obviously speed up the healing process, although it does need to be noted that results will not happen over night. While the scar tissue has taken time to develop, it will also need time to loosen up. It requires patience and persistence to achieve the goal of a straight penis.

Peyronie’s Disease does not have to be a permanent condition. With the proper treatment like using ProExtender, you can have a perfectly straight penis, without the need for surgery. It just takes some time and a bit of work, but the results will be worth it, in all areas of your life.