Problems With Menstrual Cycles

When discussing women’s issues, first and foremost that comes to mind is the problems connected with their menstrual cycles.

Unlike men, women, right from the time their system starts producing eggs, begin menstruating in cycles of approximately 30 days, when there is flow of blood from their vagina, which is nothing but eggs that have not joined with sperm and do not result in conception, and flow away from the uterus through the vaginal opening. Since there is a rhythm in the body, the women can calculate when they are going to have periods approximately, and plan their activities, including keeping sufficient material to drain up and dry the flow through sanitary pads etc.

While every female is conversant with this fact of life, they have to take care that unwanted pregnancies do not happen, and teenage pregnancies are completely avoided, because this will have an effect on the health of a maturing woman both physically and psychologically. Unfortunately this natural cycle of menstruation has its own problems, which women have to face willy-nilly.

Though the present generation is very well aware of the problems concerned with women’s health, and the role of nutrition in this respect, which have been well documented by pharmaceutical circles, unfortunately not much is known how natural products which are around us can help in regulating the menstrual cycle.

The usual disorders in women can be identified as missed menstrual period (amenorrhea), periods which are symptomatic of heavy or long discharge (menorrhagia), conversely very light discharge (hypomenorrhea), undetermined intervals (oligomenorrhea) apart from extremely painful periods (dysmenorrhea).

Women suffer from a number of problems including amenorrhea, problems connected with D&C operations, dysmenorrhea, late periods, and Fibroids.

Late Period

Women generally experience pain prior to their cycle, which is known as Premenstrual syndrome, and sometimes while menstruating. Women also suffer from cramps, tender-breasts, headaches and back pain during this time. All of these are caused by hormones and changes taking place due to casting away the uterus’ lining. The following natural remedies can be of great help to get rid of these conditions:

1. If you take a capsule of Black Cohosh which is a good remedy, for both pre and post menstrual problems, it helps by imitating estrogen in your body. It can stop hot flushes, get rid of depression problems.

2. Another ancient traditional Chinese herb, Licorice Root, is effective in solving female reproductive setbacks, which can also control water preservation.

3. The usage of Vitamin C boosts iron content and eliminates problems connected with lack of iron in the body. Daily dosages of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, can help reduce pains associated with periods; maybe a multi-vitamin and mineral table can help.

4. Flaxseed has good effect on hormones.

5. Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol aggravates your problem. You can limit it to light wine only.

6. To strengthen your uterus, and decrease flow, drink one or two cups of tea made from Red Raspberry. Consume lots of fruits, seeds and nuts, pulses and vegetable oils, which provides you a number of nutrients to calm your muscles and nerves so that cramps can be got rid of. Herbs like shepherd’s purse can reduce heavy flow. For chronic heavy flows, these herbal treatments are the best.