Probiotics And Acid Reflux – Marriage Made In Heaven?

Probiotics and acid reflux have long been linked. It is well known that probiotics have beneficial effects for the entire digestive system but does this include stopping acid reflux and GERD?

You may have heard of probiotics containing "friendly bacteria". This is because probiotics are dietary supplements that do indeed contain potentially beneficial bacteria that can aid digestion.

These bacteria already exist in the intestines but some studies indicate that introducing them into the diet can also have beneficial effects. Here, the suggested link between taking probiotics and acid reflux cessation.

Probioitics are well known for helping after a digestive disorder such as food poisoning in helping to reintroduce the good bacteria to the system. Studies also indicate that they are effective when used to combat IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome as well as other conditions such as constipation. But, is there any correlation between taking probiotics and acid reflux reduction?

At least one study has identified a correlation between taking probiotics and acid reflux reduction in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection, a common cause of acid reflux. However, antibiotics already exist to treat this infection and it is also fast becoming a minor cause of acid reflux / GERD.

The above appears to be the only observed relationship between probiotics and acid reflux and unfortunately, this therapy does not appear to be useful for more common cases of acid reflux. If you know for sure that your acid reflux is caused by H. pylori (this can be confirmed by biopsy) then it will be worth your while taking them, but otherwise they look to be little or no benefit, specifically for acid reflux.