Pro-Vas: New Male Contraceptive Procedure

Pro-Vas is a male birth control procedure that naturally prevents pregnancy. The no scalpel procedure takes 15 minutes or less with little post procedural pain. The vas-occlusive procedure is the same in method to a vasectomy, but rather than cutting, suturing or cauterizing the vas deferens, a permanent clip is attached. This creates a more positive overall experience for men and their families.

There is no general anesthesia required for Pro-Vas, so the procedure can also be performed safely and comfortably on your doctor’s office. Pro-Vas is a tiny unique titanium and polymer clip that effectively occludes each vas deferens, stopping the flow of sperm. The gentle pressure from the Pro-Vas clip is specially designed to block sperm without damaging the tissue. This new non-scalpel method for vasectomy requires only one or two tiny openings within the skin which cause less discomfort and infection than the standard vasectomy method.

Men who undergo this procedure should continue to make use of another kind of contraception for 2 to 3 months post implantation, until the body is in a position to eliminate all the sperm that remains inside the system. A sperm check at six and twelve weeks after the procedure will ensure all sperm is stopped and then the device can be relied upon as a type of birth control. Men who have the Pro-Vas clip still produce sperm in the testes, but it is absorbed by the body since it is unable to pass through the vas tubes. The implantation of this device won’t change a man’s sex drive, erections, sperm quality, climax sensation, testes, or scrotum.

“Pro-Vas is the most exciting innovation yet. When men and their doctors understand the simplicity and effectiveness of the device, I think it will completely change the way we think about male birth control. Men today have few contraception options and our culture and advertisers have placed the birth control burden largely on women. Pro-Vas offers an easy, effective alternative. I think it has the potential to change the way men and women look at birth control,” said Bill Dennis, MenRx Surgical’s CEO.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted approval to Pro-Vas as a vas deferens ligation clip in 2007. Unlike a vasectomy, which is considered permanent even though it can be reversed in some cases, Pro-Vas is easily reversible with a normal vasovasostomy procedure. The average complications present in this procedure are bruising of the scrotum, infection on the puncture within the scrotum, and failure through the physician to place one or both clips correctly.

Patient outlook about this procedure is certain since the results are promising. Its efficiency is more than the standard vasectomy, and most men resume their normal activities in less than one day after the procedure. The various benefits of this PRO-VAS procedure are reduced post procedural pains, decreased potential complication when compared with other methods, reversible with the vasovasostomy procedure, and of course the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. Other temporary birth control methods can be avoided with this unique procedure and a healthy sexual relationship.