Principles of Natural Eczema Treatment

The symptom eczema can be branded on various persistent skin conditions. Some symptoms may be redness, skin edema, itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding. The bottom line is that eczema is a form of detox the human body resorts to when the usual channels of detox are unable to cope.

The most common methods if detox are through the colon, kidneys, liver and sweat glands expressed as pooping, peeing, and sweating. Eczema symptoms are an alternative method of expressing the toxins that need to be thrown out of the body. The body sees the eczema as currently the most convenient method of throwing out the toxins in the blood.

Knowing the principles above, we only have to make it more convenient for the body to detoxify using the normal routes such as pooping, peeing and sweating and to reduce the amount of pollution / toxins that come into the body via food, drink, and skin contact and the air we breath.

The normal detox organs must be cleansed and nourished to get back into top shape. There are various detox protocols that clean the organs with simple herbs for the colon for example, these are called colon cleansers. There are also kidney cleansers, but the best way for the kidneys to recover is through hydrating watermelons and consumption of large quantities of raw fat and medium quantities of raw protein. It is lean cooked protein that stresses kidneys. Livers are cleaned by doing the various liver flushes methods that are freely available.

Nutrition must be of the highest quality from rare / raw fatty grass fed or wild ocean meats and hydrating fruit and clean water to some mineral providing cooked and blended non-pollution causing vegetables. Inflammation causing vegetables are called nightshades, stay away from them. Staying all organic means you stay away from pollution.

The skin absorbs anything applied to it. So as a rule, if it is not edible, do not put it on your skin; This is very basic for skin pollution avoidance. This means no commercial deodorants, no chemical toothpastes, no lotions, no powders, no fabric softeners, no colognes, no makeup as examples, no strange work environments that cause harm via foul air exposure.

These principals will immediately minimize your eczema symptoms. The hard part is in the details.