Princess Diana Charity Work Has Not Been Forgotten

From the moment that it was announce that she would be marrying Charles, the Prince of Wales, Diana found herself in the limelight by becoming part of the Royal Family. During the years from her engagement to Charles until her untimely death in a car accident, Diana managed to win many fans and admirers.

Her loss was sorely mourned by people around the world who felt as though they had lost a treasured friend. Even though more than tens years has passed since her death, Diana still has an influence and impact through the Princess Diana charity work programs.

When Lady Diana Spencer married Charles, the heir to the throne of Britain, in 1981, her life was forever changed in ways that she surely had never even imagined. It was in 1987 that voluntary charity work seemed to take on a more important role to her.

It was at that time that Diana participated in the opening of a hospital ward that was dedicated to AIDS patients. People from around the globe were in shock when they saw that she chose not to wear protective clothing because the common belief, at that time, was that AIDS could be spread by casual contact.

In a way, the Princess Diana charity work that she later became recognized and acclaimed for was launched on that occasion. Even though many were unsure of the appropriateness of the Princess being so closely involved with an AIDS charity, including the Queen herself and the royal advisors, in a sense the debate seemed to make her even more resolute in supporting the AIDS work, as well as other charity volunteer work programs.

Soon enough, it was not only the AIDS hospital volunteer work that gained from Princess Diana’s awareness and ministrations. Diana became the royal patron of no less than seventy different volunteer charity agencies and in short order had a packed schedule to try keep up with all of them. At first, the needs of babies and child welfare received most of her attention, but it was not long before Princess Diana took on many other dimensions as she discovered other opportunities for volunteer work London and through the British Empire.

After the AIDS cause, the volunteer charity organization that Diana became most closely aligned with was a group called Birthright and she soon became a patron of the group. Birthright is an organization that functions as the appeal department of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The mission of Birthright is to do significant amounts of fundraising to support research of the common problems of unborn children, including occurrences such as stillbirths, infant deaths and the complications of infertility.

Princess Diana’s tireless work on the behalf of numerous voluntary charity organizations helped to throw a spotlight on many of the issues that were being addressed by international volunteer work programs and was instrumental in helping to encourage people around the globe to donate of their time, skills, effort, and money to good causes. Princess Diana did much more than just raise funds for various charities; she compassionately served those in need and inspired countless people to follow her lead.

“There is something quite moving about the way she talks with patients. Not only is she concerned about their problems, but they know she is. She understands the joy of having a baby and the anguish if something goes wrong. She felt very lucky and privileged to have had two healthy children, says Vivienne Parry, one of the group’s national organizers.

Princess Diana had a strong determination to help charities that had been rejected by others, and her efforts extended to charity work overseas as well. Touched by the awful effects of leprosy, Diana became a patron of the Leprosy Mission. She was admired for the way that she not only shook the hands of those with leprosy but also would sit with them on their beds and visit with them like an old friend.

Through the brief years of her life, the Princess Diana charity work that she engaged in clearly demonstrated to others that there was no need to be apprehensive about working with the victims of various illnesses and diseases. Princess Diana lived a full and compassionate life that was influential and encouraging to millions and her dedicated charity work will not be forgotten.