Priming Your Body For 4 Inches of Penis Growth – Natural Enlargement Methods Explained

The real secret of successful penis enlargement is that you don’t need any silly devices or dangerous chemicals. Your body contains everything you need to make growth happen naturally and rapidly at any age. I tried so many different enlargement products before I discovered natural methods which enabled me to add more than four inches to my penis. This article explains the secret truths about enlargement which the scammers don’t want you to know.

Why artificial products will let you down

Pills, creams, pumps, extenders… a hundred different gimmicks, but they all have something in common – they completely ignore your body. This is why they all fail. If you want to make your penis bigger permanently, what you have to do is begin from the inside and work outwards. What this means in practice is that you have to prime your body so that it’s in the right condition for penis growth to happen.

How to prime your body

There is one thing which your body requires before it can make your penis grow, and that is fuel. There is a special fuel, made up of biochemicals, which drives the whole growth system from within. During puberty, your body made these chemicals naturally, but after puberty, you lose this vital fuel, and that means that growth stops. Trying to enlarge your manhood without giving your body this fuel is the equivalent of trying to drive a car with an empty gas tank – completely futile! But if you fill your body with this fuel, growth will begin again naturally – just like it did when you were going through puberty.

Fuelling your body for growth

You can fill your body with the fuel it needs by sticking to a good natural enlargement program. I followed a program like this and ultimately I achieved a penis over 8 inches long. These natural methods will truly deliver the results you want and that’s why I have no hesitation in recommending them.