Primera Disc Publisher Pro – Does not Allow You to Think About Other Options

If you are into the business of disc publishing since a couple of years or are a newbie to this business, you must have heard about Primera. Yes, I am talking about Primera Technology, world's leading manufacturer of premium quality DVD, CD and BD duplicators and printers. It created the new wave of sensation in the market by introducing its award-winning Bravo Disc Publishers. Since its introduction, Primera disc-publisher pro has been the most preferred choice of experienced and quality conscious professionals. Although after its introduction, many disc publisher models were introduced by several other manufacturers but no one could match its performance and price both.

The users of Primera publisher pro recommends it to othere without a second thought or a single hitch. It means that this Primera Pro disc publishers offer something unique that may bring some commercial and practical benefits to your organization. Just have a quick glance over some unique features of Primera disc-publisher pro:

  • Direct-to-disc prints with 4800 dpi printing resolution. Afterburner Print Technology controls the print quality precisely.
  • Assures smooth and faster output
  • For high printing needs, equipped with two high speed drives
  • Comes with smallest ink droplet size of 3 picoliters that delivers superb graphics, live like photo finish and the best standards of text quality
  • Comes with optional Windows networking software PTPublisher NE that enables you to operate it from multiple locations. It can be used by multiple users networked with it.
  • Primera disc publisher pro comes with AccuDisc Technology that optimizes the disc transport at the most.
  • It has probably the widest compatibility, so there is Primera need to change the existing operating system.
  • No need of any other supporting software

Primera Pro disc publisher range is designed to make the whole CD / DVD printing complete automated, unattended and hands-free. Just select the files for duplication, select the quantity and command to start. The entire operation is so simple that you hardly ever feel the requirement of training or orientation. In case you feel, worldwide network of Primera is ready to help you in every best possible way.

Some professionals think that when a disc publisher has so many advanced features it would have been complicated to install it and they will need external pricy help. It is not so. Primera disc publisher pro comes with USB connectivity port, so no need to open the case cover of your PC. Connect USB 2.0 high-speed interface cable, power it and install the integrated software. The whole installation typically takes less than five minutes.

When you start comparing the prices, you will be surprised that Primera disc publisher pro, despite having the most advanced features, wins your favor here too. Therefore, can you still think about other options?