Primary Lymphedema Treatment

Primary lymphedema is most common in women and it can also be termed as a genetic condition that could get serious if not treated well and in time. Although there is no cure for lymphedema in the primary stage as well, it can still be treated effectively so that the patient enjoys a normal lifestyle.

Primary lymphedema treatment usually involves the use of compression garments and even bandages that help in keeping the swellings down as well as gently nudges the flow of lymph fluid. Manual lymph drainage therapy is another effective primary lymphedema treatment that is a part of the Complete Decongestive therapy and involves gentle use of fingers and palms along with pressure applied by the wrists to aid the flow of fluid.

Primary lymphedema treatment is most effective with non invasive, non surgical treatment methods. These methods not only help reduce the borrowing in limbs but also gradually erase discomfort caused due to swilling of limbs. It also helps retrieve mobility which gets to be difficult because of swilling in limbs. Primary lymphedema treatment that involves Complete decongestive therapy also makes use of garments and bandages that are essential for keeping the bargaining of limbs in control. The swapping is kept in check using these methods as gentle pressure is applied on the lymph vessels and nodes which aids in the stimulation of the lymph fluid.

There are a number of well trained lymphedema therapists who assist in complete decongestive therapy and work with lymphedema patients to get their swellings under control. The initial treatments may be uncomfortable as the swellings are usually at their worst and the skin is very tender but as time goes on and the swellings decrease, so will the pain.

It is vital that MLD is transported out by therapists who are qualified in this field. With very pressure and circulatory movements and massage movements that are directed towards the directional flow of the fluid the toxins are easily released from the body.