Prevention of Spider Veins – How to Avoid Vascular Dysfunction

For some people, spider veins are genetically predisposed, meaning that they will likely get them regardless of the environmental factors that they live with. For example, someone might be in great health and avoid prolonged sun exposure, which are two main causes of spider veins, but they'll still get them just because their parents had them. That is why there is not always a way to prevent vein dysfunction. However, some people can.

Prevention of spider veins begins with a healthy lifestyle. Vein dysfunction is caused by being overweight, hormonal imbalances and prolonged sun exposure when they are not genetic. Therefore, living a healthy lifestyle will automatically reduce your chances of experiencing a vein dysfunction because you will maintain a healthy weight and should not be as likely to have hormonal imbalances. You can exercise and elevate your legs, as well, to give your body increased circulation which can aid in the prevention of spider veins.

Other methods for the prevention of spider veins include limiting sun exposure, hot baths, and Jacuzzis. If you are genetically inclined to develop vein disorders, the heat from these sources can exacerbate the problem by enlarging the veins more quickly. Compression stockings are a great option for those who can not move as well or as much, but want to increase the circulation in their legs. There are many different treatment options for vein disorders, depending on how bad yours are. However, prevention is often the best way to handle vein disorders, as long as you know which prevention methods will work best for your needs.