Preventing Osteoporosis and Treatment Is Not Just About Nutrition, You Need Stress!

Worried about Bone Loss? Preventing Osteoporosis and Treatment is Not Just About Nutrition… You Need Stress!

Osteoporosis is on everyone’s mind these days. Health articles and advertisements are constantly reminding us about preventing osteoporosis. There are good reasons for this. A hip fracture statistically takes three years off your life expectancy. Women are the target of these ads, but men are not immune to the problem. One-third of hip fractures are men’s. What is to be done? Nutrition is an important part of treatment for osteoporosis, but preventing osteoporosis requires both proper nutrition and physical work.

Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is not something that you are destined to have. There can be a number of things that will reduce your chances of having this often-painful condition, or for osteoporosis treatment. First, make sure that you get the calcium and magnesium you need daily. Calcium gets all the press; magnesium gets none. Nutritionists will tell you that only one-third of us get the magnesium we need daily. Both are required for making bone. I recommend 500 mg of each daily for most people. Researchers have found that people who sweat heavily have profound losses of both calcium and magnesium: these people require twice as much.

Working at Osteoporosis Treatment

Our muscles and bones are about two thirds of our body weight. Keeping our musculoskeletal system strong and healthy is an important goal for us.

The single best thing that you can do for your bones is to stress them by lifting weights. Weight lifting does three things, only one of which of obvious. First, larger, stronger muscles are an obvious result. Secondly, ligaments and tendons also get stronger. It makes sense that you cannot connect strong muscles to weak tendons. Thirdly, bones mineralize and get stronger for the same reason. People fall because they lose their balance and do not have the muscle strength to regain it. Preventing fractures is accomplished by increasing both muscle and bone strength.

However, it’s not a good idea to head for the gym and launch forth. If you are over 50, get a personal trainer, one who is used to working with people 50+. Let the trainer determine the proper training schedule, and stay with you long enough for you to develop good habits and techniques.

Osteoporosis is a problematic disease is the third world. some time causes for vitamin D deficiency.its may take long time for cure.