Preventing Diabetes – 8 Sure Tips

Preventing diabetes is in your control.

If you have diabetes, you go to the doctor. Your doctor will tell you- Diabetes can’t be cured completely, it can only be controlled. He will suggest change in food habits and life style along with medication to control the problem.

If you are a non-diabetic person and ask for suggestions so that you won’t get diabetes in future, no doctor will give any.

Please don’t do this!

Some one wondered- if insulin intake can control diabetes, what happens if a non-diabetic person takes small doses of insulin? Will it prevent occurrence of diabetes? Please don’t do that. Your blood sugar levels will drop and the consequences can be serious.

Let us discuss about preventing diabetes.

Can diabetes be prevented?

Yes. If you have the determination, patience and if you can sacrifice a few small enjoyments, you can prevent it. These small enjoyments are nothing compared to the suffering a diabetic person undergoes. Your diet and lifestyle will be curtailed, anyway, once you got diabetes. So, why do you wait for the problem to come? Take care before it touches you.

Before going into the details, let us see a few facts.

India is the diabetes capital of the world. Andhra Pradesh is the diabetes capital of India. The reason?

Not very difficult to find. Andhra Pradesh is called the ‘Rice bowl of India.’ Rice is their main dish. Many eat plenty of rice- just rice- with practically no vegetable intake.

The present generation prefers polished white rice. The more you polish, the more white it becomes. People love rice- beautiful white rice. The whiter, the better. What does this white rice contain? Just carbohydrates.

All the protein, fat, fibre and other nutrients are removed during polish. What happens when we eat it? In the absence of fibre and all other nutrients, carbohydrates get digested very fast and get converted into glucose. It is absorbed by the blood fast and the sugar level in the blood goes high.

Pancreas has to work more and fast to produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar level. This repeated stress over many years damages the pancreas. Insulin produced by damaged pancreas is either ineffective or insufficient and you join the diabetic world.

Once you get diabetes, your body tries to remove sugar from the blood through urine and sweat. The available water in the body is used for this purpose. That’s why diabetic people get thirsty.

What about your lifestyle?

We consume a good amount of junk food that is filled with empty calories and no food value. The present day life style has negligible physical activity to burn calories to maintain body glucose.

There seems to be around 30000 diseases known to man so far. Experts say that eating too much salt and oil is the culprit for most of the diseases. Doctors suggest to reduce salt and oil intake to patients suffering from diabetes as well as major disease related to heart, kidneys, liver etc.

Why? Because, they know people won’t like to implement total elimination of salt from their diet. Doctor’s themselves are not able to implement salt free diet.

And the first and most important point to keep in mind to be away from any disease is- keep your body clean internally.

The above discussion gives you 8 wonderful sure tips that can help you in preventing diabetes:

  1. Do not eat stuff made of polished white rice and polished flours. They are poison – use unpolished rice, flour made of whole grains.
  2. Remove salt, oil, sugar and spices from your diet – you may enjoy them occasionally once in a week. Use honey in place of sugar.
  3. Eat stuff that keeps your pancreas in good health – vegetable juice, sprouted seeds, raw vegetables. Let 50 to 60% of your diet be raw vegetables.
  4. Avoid junk food – cakes, biscuits, chocolates, ice creams, pizzas, packaged foods and drinks, soft drinks, alcohol…
  5. Drink plenty of water – 4 to 4.5 lt. for adults, 3 to 3.5 lt. for elders of age 60 years and above.
  6. Avoid non-vegetarian food – the human body is not built for it. The absence of fibre content makes you constipated.
  7. Keep your body internally clean – keep your colon clean. regular evacuation twice a day and weekly colon cleansing with plain water.
  8. Keep yourself physically active – daily yoga, meditation and exercise.

Follow these 8 Tips and you can be sure of preventing diabetes and be away from other health problems as well.

I wish you, your family and friends all the success in preventing diabetes.