Preventing Cold Sores, Fever Blisters and Oral Herpes

Preventing cold sores (fever blisters, oral herpes) can be achieved quite simply with a daily regimen of top-quality nutritional supplements. For many folks, nothing more is needed .

Yes, I know this sounds unbelievable. You may be wondering why so many people suffer from these outbreaks when preventing cold sores can be done with such little time and effort.

In a minute you will discover how using supplements can help for preventing cold sores, but first take a look at the cause of a cold sore.

If you have oral herpes, fever blister or cold sore outbreaks, you were infected by the herpes simplex virus at some earlier point in your life. 89% of the world population is infected with this virus. Usually this happens before our tenth birthday.

Most of the time, herpes virus is latent and hiding in the roots of your facial nerves. You can live there indefinitely. But, if it senses a weakness in your immune system, it will quickly move to the surface and replicate. This replication process causes the breakout sore.

When any virus invades our body, anti -bodies are created against that particular strain. Each time you get a cold sore, your body creates new anti-bodies to add to the existing army.

If proper and sufficient nutrients are available, these anti-bodies will be strong and can help in preventing cold sores. Without the needed nutrients, the anti-bodies will be weak.

The nutrients you need can be provided by a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement. Nutrients that have a great impact on oral herpes are vitamins A, B, C, D and E. Minerals that are extremely important for preventing cold sores are calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Fact is – studies have shown that calcium deficiency is often present in those who have frequent cold sores. Calcium is probably one of the most important nutrients because it keeps the body alkaline. Many scientists believe that no virus can get a foothold in an alkaline environment.

In addition, vitamins B and C are known to be the anti-stress vitamins because they help reduce the effects of mental and physical stress. And stress is the number one cause of cold sores.

Vitamins A, D and E are considered the skin vitamins. They are oil-based vitamins that keep your skin firm, healthy and radiant.

Why not get all our vitamins and minerals from food?

That certainly would be the very best quality – and years ago it was possible. Our field soils were rich and the food bursting with vitamins and minerals.

Today our soils are becoming very depleted of nutrients. So, too, are the foods we eat. The plants still look the same. They just do not carry the nutrition they once did.

Scientists recently have proven that it would take 58 ounces of spinach today to equal the nutrients in one ounce of 1951 spinach. Our bodies are literally starving.

Researchers feel that this lack of nutritional content in food today is a contributing factor in the epidemic of viruses such as herpes simplex.

Preventing cold sores means giving your body the ingredients it needs to build super antibodies. Eating a good diet of organic or home -grown food will provide the best quality of the needed nutrients. However, today, this alone will not provide the needed quantity.

Preventing cold sores with additional supplementation of vitamins and minerals – on a daily basis – will provide the higher quantity of nutrients that are lacking in food. This is easy, powerful and effective. There are other methods you will want to try also, but this certainly should be your first step for seriously preventing cold sores.