Prevent Tonsil Stones – Healthy Foods For Preventing Tonsilloliths

This might sound slightly cliche, but the best cure for disease lies in the prevention. This is more so for tonsil stones. The best way to prevent tonsil stones lies in the foods people consume on an everyday basis. Many people want a quick fix solution to get rid of tonsil rocks, many opt for surgical removal of their tonsils, little do they know that the secret to prevent tonsil stones lies within the foods people can consume.

Below are a few food types that will help prevent tonsil stones:

Celery – Munching on celery increases the flow of saliva, which destroys oral bacteria.

Wasabi – This is a commonly used food in Japanese cuisine. This food eliminates teeth bacteria. Use in minimal quantities. Mix with soya sauce to add as seasoning to foods.

Shitake Mushrooms – A powerful anti-bacterial food. Consume several pieces a week.

Onion – Has a horrible after taste but excellent for killing bacteria. You can chew on parsley or mint leaves to reduce the smell of the onions.

Cucumber – This vegetable is a natural disinfectant for the mouth.

Water – Drinking water keeps saliva flowing. You should also gargle 3 times a day to remove foods that can get caught inside the mouth.

Additionally, you will need to avoid foods that stimulate bacterial growth, these include meats, coffee and sugary foods.

With a combination of good dental hygiene and some healthy food choices, you will you will be able to easily prevent tonsil stones from being a nuisance in your life.