Prevent & Get Rid of Ankle Pain and Swelling

Have you got ankle pain and swelling? Have you sprained your ankle or suffered other ankle related injuries?

Ankle pain and swelling could be due to a number of reasons. If you have twisted your ankle, the swelling comes from an excess of fluids that are sent to the injured site to protect it from further injury. If the fluid causing the swelling is left to its own devices, it will later turn into scar tissue, which is more difficult to break down, and could leave you suffering for months.

The pain can be caused by a number of reasons. If your ankle is sprained, the pain is most likely from injury to the ligaments. Depending on the degree of injury, ligaments can be stretched, torn, or even completely broken. (Insert info about ligament injuries.)

To reduce ankle pain and swelling, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation are important within the first 48 hours. These four components will not only make you more comfortable in the short-term, they will also help prevent prolonged pain and recurrence of injury in the future.

While RICE can have a large effect on ankle pain and swelling within the first 48 hours, after this period of time you should start to consider a method of rehabilitation. Simply letting your ankle “heal itself” could leave you sitting around for six to eight weeks or more! Ankle exercises aimed at strengthening and rehabilitating are the key to getting you on your feet sooner. That’s where HEM ankle rehab comes in.

The secret of HEM is in rehabilitation. While RICE helps to take down ankle pain and swelling as well as prevent further injury within the first 48 hours, after this time period become ineffective, and your left with a swollen, bruised, hurting, sprained ankle. What do you do with it? Sit around and watch TV while you wait for your body to heal itself? Although the body is equipped with tools to heal itself with time, we can use modern medical techniques to help speed the healing. It’s not magic; it’s not a miracle, just science. Like the difference between breaking your leg one hundred years ago and breaking a bone today. Sure, people who broke their bones in the past got healed and eventually walked again. But the time and quality of the healing differs greatly from today, now that we know things like a proper diet, type of exercise, smoking habits and even mindset can all affect the rate of recovery.

HEM ankle rehab is modern science aimed at helping you get rid of ankle pain and swelling. It can vastly reduce your recovery time from ankle injury and even strengthen your ankle to prevent re-injury.