Prescription Drugs in Drinking Water – Real Facts You Want to Know

If you’re like most people you’re probably shocked to learn about prescription drugs in drinking water. With all we all have enough to worry about, now we have the additional worry of drugs in the drinking water. Prescription drugs in the drinking water are a very real concern to every person who drinks tap water from public and private water systems.

This is not a new problem; however it is starting to gain attention with many health experts. According to an article from USA Today health experts were concerned that antibiotics in our tap water were creating “super bugs” that are developing a resistance to antibiotics.

If a person were to get sick with one of these super bugs they would not be able to get rid of it due to the “super bugs” ability to resist the antibiotic. This is because the “super bug” has developed an immune response from the antibiotics. When a person is infected with the bug they are unable to get it treated with antibiotics due to the bug’s ability to resist the antibiotics.

The Chief of Chemistry for the Environmental Protection Agency stated that “Water pollution by drugs is a newly emerging issue”. Besides antibiotics there are other drugs in the drinking water such as growth hormones, birth control drugs, anti-depressants and caffeine.

As a science project a high school student in Virginia took a sampling of the water from one of the drinking fountains at her high school. The sample was tested and showed that the water contained antibiotics. This test conducted by the high school student drew a lot of attention from quite a few health officials.

Drugs are not the only problem with our drinking water. Lead is also is also a major issue. According to the Washington Post over 250 major cities now are above the EPA’s standards for lead. Many of the cities have been less than honest and even fraudulent in the reporting of their problems. Many major cities are putting millions of citizens at risk because they manipulated the results of tests used to detect lead in water.

In conclusion, the problem of prescription drugs in drinking water can only be solved in one way. You have to take matters into your own hands and make your own safe water. The easiest way is to use a high quality water filter. Whether you use a simple countertop or under the sink unit or a whole house water filter it’s very important that you use one. It’s the only way you can be sure to be safe from drugs in the drinking water.