Preparing Skin Care Products Can Save You Money


Judging from all the hyped up skin care product advertisements for the products that we find on the shelf, one might think that preparing your own skin care products to actually compete with the ones that are on the shelf might be difficult. These advertisements try and make you think that they are using complicated science project based ingredients that only the skin care companies have access to. I am here to tell you that making effective skin care products is both easy and actually more effective sometimes than buying them at your favorite department store or drugstore.

The first thing that you need in order to make an effective skin care product is a great recipe. You can find plenty of recipes online or get them from books written by authors who have reviewed and prepared these products themselves. Most recipes are simple as combining ingredients and mixing them and storing them in a cool dry place.

For natural products, the shelf life can very. This often depends on whether you're using food based ingredients or herbal based ingredients. The shelf life can range from a few days to several months.

Making your own skin care is not just limited to only natural ingredient products. You can also obtain recipes to some of your favorite department store brand products that are on the shelves. These recipes are for products that have the same activity as some of your favorite brands. In fact, for the most part, these products that you make yourself maybe more effective than your favorite brand.

How is this, you ask? Well for one thing, you are able to control how much of the active ingredient that your homemade product contains. You would be surprised how many products only contain a minute amount of the active ingredient and yet still you are able to see some results. The skin care companies do this in order to save money since they have to supply the distributor, wholesaler, and the retailer of their products. By the time you purchase the product is marked up over 1000%. This leaves little room for adding highly active ingredients in measurable doses.

However, when you purchase these active ingredient and make your own skin care product you are in control of the desired results. And let me tell you the results are fantastic! Not only do you experience great results, but you also experience amazing savings. Since these ingredients are readily available through online sources, you can look to save between 75-90% off the cost of a similar store-bought brand top product.