Premature Ejaculation Tips to Help Men Last Longer in Bed

I think it would be safe to say that the mutual contentment of sex partners lies on the ability of each partner to keep up with the performance of the other. But what if the man is not able to control his ejaculation and releases it even before the woman is heated up?

This is termed premature ejaculation and I define it as when the man ejaculates prior to the woman climaxing. With that definition you need to understand that there is no "set" amount of time. The amount of time is determined by how long it takes the woman to climax. So, what could take 10 minutes for one woman may take 20 minutes for another.

Actually, there are ways to counter the effects of PE and to make men last longer than usual. Simple physical exercises are needed to strengthen the muscles in the pelvis and around the urethral canal.

Here are some premature ejaculation tips to follow:

1. Please your female partner first.

Being self-centered does not apply to people who experience PE. One of the ill-effects of PE involves the dissatisfaction of female partners during sex and it only contributes to a worsening condition of the male. It becomes habitual. So start worrying yourself with your partner first and trust me, she will respond when it comes time to take care of you.

2. Eat Food Rich in Zinc.

There must be some truth to the myth of aphrodisiacs. Oysters increase the libido of men. When men have an increased libido, they have a better appetite and engage in sex with their partner more often. And this is the perfect time when the couple can practice the exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles of the man.

3. Do the start and stop method religiously.

You may be tempted to release the pressure building up in your penis but doing so will not make any difference in your sex life. Just think that you are doing this for your partner, not for yourself. That will probably make it a lot easier for you to control the urge. There are multiple techniques you can use to control your urge but you have to practice them in order to master them.

These premature ejaculation tips, though quite simple, will help men last longer in bed with their sexual partners if the men really want to please their woman. So give these tips a go now and see how it could help improve your performance in bed.