Prejac Review – A Premature Ejaculation Supplement That Works


When it comes to popping pills for PE, I’m understandably a bit skeptical – I mean, I tried nearly every supplement, cream and device out there during my five years as a frustrated, embarrassed PE sufferer in my late teens and early 20s.

I have to admit, however, that upon review Prejac had me convinced. Its not FDA approved, since it’s not a prescription, and therefore not regulated, but it does have solid science behind it to back up the formula. I know because I thoroughly researched it before trying it, and double checked before writing this review of Prejac.

Prejac starts with B vitamins, and adds herbal supplements that help depression and low energy, while building up stamina and endurance. Everyone knows that depression can affect how you perform in bed, so this just makes sense. I know when I am depressed or anxious, I don’t feel like lovemaking – but sometimes I’m not 100% in touch with my feelings or state of mind.

The cost of the pills is reasonable too; they only run $50 a bottle when you buy three, and you only have to take two a day. There’s no reason to pop extras before each encounter either, which is a common instruction given by makers of other brands (probably to create a placebo effect – if you think you are fine, you will be fine, and then you give credit to the pills you just took. That doesn’t mean they really worked.)

If you are thinking about using pills to manage your problem with PE, Prejac is the way to go – more people report results with it than any other brand, and I did notice an increase in my energy and overall mental and physical health while I was taking them. That translated into a calmer, happier me, and that is always good when you are planning to move things into the bedroom later.