Pregnancy – When Should I Call the Doctor?

No one wants to call the doctor unnecessarily when they are pregnant. Depending on whether or not this is your first child can also influence when you call the doctor. To help make sure you pick up the phone when you should here is a run down through the nine months of when you are expecting.

During your final trimester it is very important that you call 999 or other emergency services if you have any of the following issues: severe vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain or if you have fluid gushing from the vaginal area and you think the umbilical cord may be Bulging in the vaginal area. If you experience the last of these tree issues it is important that you get down on your knees so that your bottom is higher than your head until help arrives.

When you are expecting it is strongly recommended that if you experience any of the following at any time regardless of the trimester you call your medical professional. Sudden swapping in your feet hands or face. Visual problems such as blurriness or dimness or a severe headache, these symptoms along with the swapping could have been a sign of pre-eclampsia. Any pain or cramping or fever along with vaginal bleeding. Should you pass any tissue from the uterus. If you have a fever. Should you vomit for more than 3 days or be so nauseated that you are unable to eat or drink, pay special attention to any fever or pain you have at this time as well. Have an increase or a gush of fluid from the vagina area. Amniotic fluid can easily be confused with a bladder control issue.

You should also call the doctor if you notice an increase in vaginal discharge; Have any pelvic pains or itching all over the body. The itching is usually in the evening and then progresses through the day. If you also notice dark urine, pale stools or yellowing of the eyes or skin. If you are urinating more than normal, if the urine is cloudy or bad smelling or bloody. If you are feeling unusually weak, you should also call the doctor.

During the weeks of 20 through 37 of pregnancy, you should experience any of the following signs of pre-term labor call your doctor immediately or go the emergency room. These include mild or menstrual like cramping, regardless of whether you have diarrhoea or not. If you are experiencing contracts for more than an hour, this means that you are having 4 or more contracts in a 20 minute period or 8 or more an hour, even after resting and drinking water. Also unexplained lower back pain and / or pelvic pressure are also signs of pre-term labor.

If you notice that your baby has stopped moving, or that baby is moving much less than usual. If you have any tenderness in the uterus or an unexplained fever both of which can signal an infection, go to the emergency room or call your doctor during the 20 to 37 weeks of pregnancy.