Precautions of Joint Mobilization Therapy

Massage therapy has always been a part of health recovery due to its effectiveness and its lesser risks and contraindications to the treatment. Joint mobilization is one of the forms of massage therapy that is used in the treatment of pain relief in the joints and tissue of an injured area of the body. It is effective in treating arthritis which is a common musculoskeletal dysfunction among the elders. It is also used for treating headaches and other minor ailments outside the region of the joints.

Joint mobilization helps in utilizing joint play which allows mobility and flexibility of the moving parts of the body. Success and benefits are achieved through the careful and proper manipulation of the therapist during the therapy session.

Prior to the therapy, the therapist should study the condition of the patient and should be comfortable working with the patient and not on the patient. Blood and lymph flow should be taken into consideration in this type of therapeutic massage technique as they are important gauge of the effectiveness of the result of joint mobilization therapy. When the affected joint decompresses, blood and lymph flows without restriction which is a good thing as it means that the condition is being treated properly.

During the session, the therapist works by mimicking the gliding in the bones by applying pressure in order to promote health on the joints. Passive movement in small slow motion is also conducted to increase the mobility and remove the fixation in the joints. This technique along with the massage allows the tissues surrounding the affected limbs to release tension which causes pain.

However, just like all types of alternative medical care, the client should be careful and well aware of what he is into. He must know the purpose and goal of the therapy in order to know what benefits and effects to the health he will be receiving from the therapy. The risks and contraindications of the same therapy should also be researched as well as the preparations and precautions needed to prevent anything bad from happening.

The precautions in joint mobilization therapy are important and should be followed by both the client and the massage therapist in order to avoid inflicting more damage to the injury or condition. The precautions includes that there should be given no treatment to the spine in case the patient is at the same time suffering from osteoporosis. Any bleeding in the affected joint area should be discontinued immediately to prevent further problems such as inflicting more damage in that area. If the medical history shows any sign or presence of tumors or malignancy, the natural therapy should be put in a halt to prevent further damages to the body of the patient. If there are symptoms of loose body in the joint, it would be better to seek the expert opinion and advice of a doctor to reduce the risks of doing more harm than good to your body. In general, although this therapy and the other types of natural treatment are regarded as safe, it would be best if you consult with a doctor first.