Preaching Against Crime

In our times, many people would tell us to do all the right things, to do good deeds, and so on and so forth; many others pray or would pray or may be thinking of praying and beseeching on the ground of faith and hope somewhere along their lives; still many others help or would help the poor or thinking of helping them somewhere along their lives. Conversely, there seems to be only a very few who ask or would ask or might be thinking of asking people – somewhere along their lives – not to commit crime, not to do ill to others, not to engage in bad deeds and/or unethical activities; the reason being most of us commit crimes ourselves or are engaged in this or that kind of bad deed or, let us say, unethical activities.

The most significant problem of our time is this that although we are doing many good things, at the same time we are also doing many bad things. We need people who will identify and make a list of major offenses against humanity, and inspire others not to commit them. We need people who will identify and make a list of prevailing crimes, ill-doings, and bad-deeds; and inspire others to stay away from them.

It may be the case that only a few among us who are truly sincere, honest, pious, and noble are capable and qualified to embark on this most significant venture. The rest of us may not possess the morale that is so essential for this purpose. In any case, we can at least make a conscious, joint, and organized effort to boost our morale and become capable and qualified for this? Under proper guidance, those who have a good soul can probably reach up to such height; because, what one needs for a really good harvest is a really fertile land. A piece of fertile land may be full of weed, serpents, and cactus because of persistent neglect; but if one clears the land of all these unwanted things before sowing the desired seeds, one can hope for a really good yield.

We need clubs and leagues where regular discussions and debates will be held on the ways and means to inspire people not to commit crimes. In short, we need serious, comprehensive, and extensive ‘organizational effort’ to make others less likely to commit crime, led by people who are worthy of such noble venture. And these people must really be honest, sincere, and noble; who will work in groups to this end.

It is easy for the media to inspire people to get engaged in good, benevolent acts and discourage them to commit crime as they are able to reach a significant number of people. With the help of documentaries, case studies, real-life stories, movies, dramas, and other types of programs, media can play a significant role in inspiring people not to commit crime; first of all, by showing clearly the bad things that could happen to any individual engaged in crime. In other words, media can show in great detail the numerous benefits of quitting crime and bad deeds. This would provide people with good and real reasons for quitting crime.

These programs will pave the way for rehabilitation of the criminals and ill-doers, while creating a greater social consensus against crime and anti-social activities. On the other hand, it is not only a bad, but also a harmful practice for the media to show and/or describe a crime in detail. By reading such detail, those who didn’t know how to commit the crime would come to know it; and, at least, few among them may want to try it. For, such practices would let people know the ways and means of committing the crime, in turn, would encourage those with criminal minds to commit the same.

Why is it so important to inspire people not to commit crime and bad deed? Because, when an individual is habituated in committing crimes and bad deeds, his capacity to do the right things and good deeds diminishes and eventually he becomes utterly incapable of any good deed. So, to make his mind receptive to good and noble guidance; he, first of all, needs to be convinced that whatever he is doing is not the right thing to do and, thereby, he must redeem himself so that he is able to receive the things that are good, noble, and beneficial for himself and the society.