Pre-Natal Birth Injuries Occurring Due to Medical Negligence

Generally speaking, around ten noteworthy birth miss happenings crop up per one thousand live births in the United States. A birth grievance basically takes place during a child delivery. There are numerous reasons that results in a birth injury. Occasionally, it is caused owing to the medical malpractices. In case of an unprofessional medical conduct, the parents of an offended child have full right to receive economic reimbursement for the damage their child has faced.

Possible Injury for Which you may receive a Compensation

1. Brain Damage
Brain injuries that are the commonest of all damages occur at the time of labor, usually due to lack of oxygen or internal bleeding. Cerebral Palsy, a harmful brain disease, causes damage to the delicate cerebrum nerve cells. The infant suffering from this disease has a limited control on his body movements. He may have a limited mental capacity.

2. Brachial Plexus
Occasionally, doctors do not evaluate the actual size of the newborn. If the little one is too bulky, it may get stuck in the birth canal at the time of delivery. Some tiny tots even experience clavicle fractures while getting through the narrow passage of the birth canal.

Brachial Plexus is yet another form of brain damage that is caused under those circumstances where, the toddler's shoulders are wedged inside its mom's pelvis. This condition is termed as "Shoulder Dystopia" where, due to stress and strain on the shoulders, the delicate nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord get damaged.

3. Forced Extraction
In addition to these, several other pre-natal and after birth problems occur due to the negligence of the gynecologists. If the tools and equipments used during the course of the delivery are mishandled, the youngster may undergo bruising on his scalp, thereby, resulting in internal bleeding within his skull.

Legal Responsibility of the Doctors for Medical Negligence at the time of Birth

A lot of birth damages, including the pre-natal ones, can be treated fruitfully. If they are located at an early stage of development, it becomes easy to diagnose them. But, unfortunately, there are numerous such incidents where a newborn is forced to go through these miserable disabilities throughout his life, due to the unprofessional activities of the medical personals. If an injury comes about as a product of medical negligence, the guilty physicians and the concerned sanatoriums are held legally responsible.

If your child is suffering from an untold misery like this, you have full right to wedge a legal suit against the concerned doctors. You will be provided with medical claim and a compensation amount.