Pre Diabetes and How to Deal With It

Pre diabetes, as the name suggests, is the stage just before the onset of the full-fledged stage of diabetes. This stage is known by many names in the medical fraternity. Call it touch diabetes, borderline diabetes or chemical diabetes, it all refers to one thing only and that is pre diabetes.

Knowing how to determine if one is in the pre diabetes stage will go along way in determining how healthy a future one has by learning how to deal with the disorder at this early warning stage. That is just what this stage of diabetes is meant to be, an early warning of things to come if preventive measures are not taken in a timely manner.

While medication is not required at this stage, a lifestyle change is definitely called for, and a drastic change at that. Living a sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of developing the symptoms that lead up to diabetes in all its impunity. Therefore it is important to get active at the very first signs of developing blood sugar. Elevated sugar levels in the blood are the first signs of onset of diabetes.

When this occurs it is not necessary to completely abstain from sugar and starchy foods but a lower intake is called for with a lot of exercise, preferably walking briskly for at least twenty minutes each day increasing this time to about forty minutes over a couple of months.

There is no fixed age when diabetes can develop. In fact, people, including infants, suffer from this blood sugar disorder. But with the increasing number of diabetes patients in the world the numbers are alarming. Diabetes can lead to other medical complications such as heart failure, kidney failure and failure of sight. So, being able to identify the symptoms is important and then learning to deal with them is more.