Prank Calls – Highly Amusing and Bordering Irritability

Prank Calls or Prank Phone Calls are most deduced to be a practical joke that is thought to be extremely amusing by the people and is done with the use of telephones. The culture basically started gaining popularity in America but has now been extremely popular in other countries as well.

Popular story

There have been three accounts of extremely hilarious funny which have been done to extremely prominent people mostly leaders of their specific countries. For instance, Elizabeth II was the victim of one such prank call as a DJ called her posing to be the Canadian Prime Minister of that time and asked her to make a speech on Canadian Unity. Other two people who were victimized were Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro both presidents of Chile and Cuba respectively.

Funny Calls as Practical Jokes

Basically, the culture of funny calls became popular when many online radio sites started broadcasting such funny calls on their radio stations. This was a cause for a lot of humor and people started taking it as a source of humor. Funny calls became more and more popular among the people but yet as such calls grew the amusement behind them started vanishing as immoral people started taking out their frustrations through such calls abusing the people over the phones and threatening of raping them as well.

A lot of people all over the internet have been duped by such prank calling sites which call unsuspecting call receivers to damage their own property as well as hotel properties by informing them about various dangers that they would put themselves in if they did not do so. Not only this, but an anonymous funny calling website has been doing such fraudulent activities for a long time and has been responsible for a lot of property damage of the people.

How to Avoid Disturbing of it

Prank Calls cannot be avoided however, threatening funny calls can be traced through caller IDs. Such callers can be reported to the law enforcing agencies that can warn or arrest such callers on the basis of the nature of their prank calls.


One has to conclude that though prank calls have been truly amusing when having the only purpose of confusing the recipient by the art of changing the voice and posing as an extremely important personality. However, when the purpose diverges to misleading of people and causing them to get tensed over the phone by threatening them or informing them about fake bomb placements then the fun is lost. One should always be careful in drawing a line between being amusing and being outrageous. One can only hope that people all over the world use that type funny calls just for the purpose of amusement rather than to create or bring upon large scale destruction.